Zeus Age’s Ultimate Video Collection Is Ready For Release

After an antagonizing wait and mountains of anticipation, the Zeus Age videos are finally ready! What are you in store for? There’s only two ways to find out. One is to watch the videos, and the other is to read on….and then watch the videos!

Are you ready to find out what happens to this guilty, but stunningly handsome, grandson? What caused this seemingly jolly old man to share such harsh words? Why is his shirt so yellow? And most importantly…why is this young man wearing such a ridiculous hat?


Then we have this intense gentleman. He’s got a message to send, and he’s excited to play Zeus Age (who isn’t really?), but why does he love it so much? Was he trapped on a desert island for months on end with nothing but canned vegetable, whole canned chickens and wifi – Zeus Age his only connection to the outside world? Was he perhaps kidnapped by ninjas at a young age, given rigorous and brutal training, until he finally escaped – and when he free he discovered the wonder that is Zeus Age and used it as a cipher to regain his humanity? Perhaps we will never know, but you can watch the video, and see if there’s any clues.


And finally we have the office-worker, who bravely faced down an Obama-wielding maniac to play the game he loves. Was it really Obama, though? What is happening in his game that is so important? Will he ever find true love? Watch the video to discover the answers to at least some of these questions!


The Zeus Age videos will be available on our official Facebook page and the Proficient City Youtube Channel as they are released. Check them out to find the solutions to all of life’s problems! (Hint: It’s Zeus Age)


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