Wartune web games

Wartune web game depicts a magnificent magical and very passionate picture. Before the millennium, to the abyss Legion, led by Balrog Gialos suddenly come alive, launched a frenzied attack to the human empire Yala Man. Long years of war, so many beautiful and fertile grasslands and forests turned into barren desert and swamp, disparity between man and magic combat power, to human empire brought tens of millions of heavy losses.

However, Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord ended it all, but a war on this land traces beyond repair, once glorious heyday of the empire has hundred thousand sore bruise, alien creatures take the opportunity to occupy the Empire territory, on the mainland,, chaos raged around the end yet. Human wait for new heroes born of past prosperity and freedom of desire in a new era belongs Wartune legend! And we are the heroes of this new era, and will lead our people good and evil, to build a prosperous and powerful country.

As a Wartune game players, either from the game plot, images, or the game the Raiders have a profound experience. The main plot of the game is to himself as a heroic role in the game, but also a lord, led his soldiers, provided the game to complete the task at the same time to complete the task, including its own territory have been upgraded. In this way, continue to grow themselves and their country.

The game screen is rich and beautiful. There are vast expanse of prairie freedom, dim mist of fog forest, there is the danger of terror endless swamp, there are bones capped death desert. Jointly constructed Divine Comedy magical, beautiful, passionate people in the world! Mo Lang from the forest to the magic of the archers, to the eye of terror, Desert Monster, etc., for the Divine Comedy in the world adds a rich, wonderful elements.

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