Wartune Review

Wartune is a relatively complex play games, role-playing and war strategy game play integration of newcomers system made very high demands. It Wartune still very good, pre-novice tutorial very long time, so that players can fully understand Wartune huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity through a variety of gameplay that appears, make the players do not get bored . Let Xiaobian for everyone to bring Divine Comedy Mok Ming IOS version of the game evaluation.

Wartune games tells Jaroslaw Balrog is headed back into the abyss Legion launched frenzied attack on the human empire Yala Man, the human empire has suffered heavy casualties, large tracts of barren land, barren. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord Balrog Jaroslaw eliminate the task of picking up, with the town of the country artifact of human empire— All the legends of one of the seven fragments Wartune Sword and human hope the expedition.

Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord’s battle with the Balrog Jaroslaw disappears with their colleagues at the end, who do not know where the fighting process and results. Since then mankind has come a long absence of peace, but large tracts of land or barren, or occupied by aliens. A hero born of the human desire to revive the prosperity of the human empire. Wartune legend of this era will be starring you, whether they can revive the human empire players decide their own strength and resourcefulness.

The role-playing and war strategy combining Wartune play is the most prominent feature, players not only to raise the level of their role, but also continue to improve their city’s main building, through the recruitment of different types of soldiers to finish the fight with their roles. Like most of its war strategy games are played the game, but in Wartune, the hero played by the player himself.

Wartune screen performance was perfect, whether it is the game’s character or scene in the plants and trees are vividly portrayed, it is easy to imagine the game developer put in the game screen. Wartune with a realistic visual style, characters aspects through advanced 3D technology to turn 2D character looks quite real, with the role of the facelift system, players will constantly want to upgrade their character level to get more sophisticated equipment to beautify themselves role.

Wartune performance sound in the game is also perfect, will be a different game scenarios with different music and sound, giving a feeling of being there. Sometimes magnificent, sometimes perilous. Even prolonged listening to the music player will not produce sound auditory fatigue, showing the quality of their background music is very high.

Wartune its rich gameplay, but also allows players to relish, the following I will briefly introduce to you.

Huge beautiful copy of the system: Wartune copy into single copies, more than a copy, single copy is mainly to allow players to understand the game background and enhance their level of use, and more than a copy, the player can get sophisticated equipment, and and other players can fight together, establish a strong friendship.

Original novel QTE system: Wartune order to fit the mobile device operating experience, will Wartune original QTE system made changes, by depicting a graphical way to release the kill, allowing the player to operate more easy and convenient.

Surprise infinite maze system: players have a chance to enter the maze of daily maze is divided into 100 layers, each layer deepening maze monster will continue to become stronger. But every 10 floors generous incentives to promote the players continue to move forward. Clearance of 100 layers, the abyss will open maze, maze abyss BOSS metamorphosis extent unimaginable, but the greater the risk to bring the more lucrative rewards.

Unlimited fun equipment systems: each personal who can wear 8 equipment, and access to equipment, most are from a copy of the award, the equipment is divided into white, green, blue, purple, gold five kinds of quality, equipment can also be make up the suit property of the characters have a greater increase. Players can equip intensive, precious stones, and the purification of the property. Advanced equipment can also change the appearance of a character oh.

Casual cool mount system: Players can get to 40 after the first batch of the system presented a horse, ride a horse is not feeling after a majestic horse it can not only help to enhance the role of the property, but also to accelerate in the copy? moving speed. You can also mount system mounts upgrade, each upgrade will change the image of the horse. Players can also get the horse can change the appearance of the card in the mall and mystery shops, let your horse different.

Competition character astrological system: Star Games is to get through the consumption of gold, and its properties and quality of diversity allows players to freely combine, players can also engulfed other Star Games to enhance the level of a star ship. Thereby enhancing the player’s combat Oh! Because it is a mobile device, all new thing happening in the game you can feel free to share your own good and common experience the fun of the game.

To sum up

Huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity to appear in a variety of play increased the number of gameplay, page tour ends success also created a large number of players Wartune as “Divine Comedy”, so that the hand tour ends outset with large players. The word of mouth is good, the screen fine, rich gameplay hand travel masterpiece does not play real pity.

The Wartune Game Official Website:http://www.wartune.com/