Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills


Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills .Maybe you do not love rock solid fighter , high output shooter, if you like walking control , auxiliary route , then the Divine Comedy in the Master Professional will make you like it.

Brilliant flames , meteorites and Kuanglei skills attracted so many players , in addition to the recovery , purification and other auxiliary waiting for you to display their skills . What is the secret purification skills ? Next to the small series to find out more about this mysterious skills.Rune purify what effect? Compared to ” restore ” them by literally be able to understand the skills , purify some relative mystery .


In fact, this skill is to let other occupations have Master Rune purification function , similar to his boss mobs or debuff, for example, continued bleeding , reduces physical attack power, reduce physical defense , magic attack power reduction , reducing magic defense and dizziness and so on.

Master the use of high frequency purify runes , anger consume large, it seems to beat the final boss in 65 copies in time , boss to the player ‘s debuff, harm reduction , it is often necessary to help the Master . If not 60 Master suite has basically been banned copy appeared in 65 , but in fact, such an account Rune helped 55 such suits can not play the Master wants to play again heart.As long as we each bring a purification kit can help 55 Master back anger , problems will be much smaller .

World of Warcraft Wartune Wiki medieval mysteries , I believe so many players engrossed in the wonderful hot PK shootout . What is the role of purification runes in the arena it? Master debuff usually increase the damage , the soldiers continued to snap frozen blood and archers armor . It is noteworthy that archers freezing, a frozen hand speed is reduced so that the other 100% , three rounds down the equivalent of three times a faint Seal , it must be frozen in the purification, and armor defense only reduce 160 points , insignificant , they do not control him .

But in general you want to guard against is not the archers, but the increase of the Master of the damage by 10 % because of the skills of a place like this , the equivalent of three times or even four times the armor must be dispelled. So to kill time in the arena on by soldiers or archers with a purification rune mage rage cost reduction is very necessary.

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