Wartune life skills system introduced


Wartune skills introduced:

Character level 35 or above, you can learn life skills at the NPC at the Sky City Trade Zone.

Five kinds of players can choose any life skills to learn, you can learn up to two kinds.

Forgotten Life skills: must be consumed in the NPC at Diamond forgotten life skills.


Proficiency: divided into low, intermediate, advanced, master, master-class five grades. Each level of increase required to consume a certain amount of gold or diamonds, each life skills to achieve the Grand Master can activate a title.

Wartune skill categories:

Acquisition categories: herbs and mining

Collection sites: the souls of the island, amethyst mine, Sky City and other areas.


Gathering the harvest: collecting available material acquisition to enhance the acquisition of skills proficiency, proficiency with the upgrade, you can capture more of the collection thereof.

Acquisition Requirements: collecting things have minimum and maximum proficiency requirements. Proficiency than the minimum value to be collected, after the acquisition of proficiency than the maximum value does not enhance proficiency.

Wartune manufacturing categories: jewelry manufacturing, Enchanting, Alchemy

Manufacturing method: objects can be collected in a blacksmith shop operations, access to semi-finished products; according to the existing formula of raw materials and semi-synthetic synthesis, access to new items.

Manufacturing Proficiency: The above Class 2 operation will increase the manufacturing class skills proficiency, and thus get more synthetic formula, proficiency exceeds a certain value, the manufacture of low-level items no longer enhance proficiency.

Purchase of materials: Some synthetic materials, synthetic formulas need to buy to get the npc at buying gold or diamond consuming, and there is a certain degree of proficiency requirements.

Wartune manufactured product uses:

Jewelry Manufacturing: New product for professional equipment mosaic

Alchemy: Create potions, temporary use to enhance the role of property

Enchanting: Generate attached Monster, all the equipment can be permanently attached to the property.

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