“Wartune” iOS version of magical gameplay farm fun graphic resolve


Play “Wartune iOS little friends all know , “Wartune” iOS powerful buddy system really is frightening staggering, but the best place to farm this interaction has been our friend will go to the place every day . Secretly dishes, full charge can help friends , in addition to weeding , about the resurrection plant , not only to get considerable experience , fighting spirit and gold , but also can increase the favorability among friends , was really fun to have harvested a good thing ah. In fact, the function of the farm is not just these little friends can be a reasonable use of the farm system , allow yourself to become more stronger fast , oh , let’s take a look at some tips farms play it.Farm Upgrade – small partners can : help a friend of the sacred tree empowerment ; to help a friend of crop pest 2 ; 3 friends to help crop weeds ; four crops withered after a friend that can help revive . . . . .



These four ways to get the farm experience to upgrade the farm. Upgrade the farm can purchase more advanced seed , you can also unlock more land ( open every 5 piece ) .Ancient sacred tree – a day to recharge the ancient sacred tree , can be obtained after full light crystal , gold , fighting spirit , and so on , every day a friend of God filled the tree farm can also get equal experience you and your friends favorability rating .

The next step is to talk about their experiences to steal food , and how to play the farm can do not steal food , but also have to steal dishes, do not see that there can be stolen to steal , so you have a big loss , because the number of Wartune Wiki steal food inside the farm is limited , in a limited number of years to get the maximum benefit for the job . So how to get the maximum yield?These we need to observe carefully summed up , we all know that the seed store 1 hour , 4 hours and 12 hours , as well as low-level and high-end in order , of course, some players through other channels to obtain the holy order and legends seeds , encounter this dish , we mark a decisive time to steal .


Second, we must give priority to steal food 12 hours , and 12 hours priority stealing high-end cuisine, as for one hour and four hours of food , whether it is high-order or low-level Do not steal , unless you have the number of times a day to steal food ever use it is no longer such , or you run out early times to steal food , and so you see someone else’s dish cooked legend that you called in tears ah.Share experiences on the farm to this matter, I wish everyone in the “Wartune” iOS in play more fun , make more small partners .

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