Wartune fun game how to do Wartune


Wartune people appear athletics team , no doubt to make up for deficiencies single athletic , enjoying fighting PK , but also joined the meaning of teamwork . Competitive multiplayer features Wartune team is that you can choose to fight together with their partners , but can not predict your opponent ! In other words , you do not know how your team strength hostile .


Or tough to kill you, or are you mad rookie to the child , or you in strength, winning or losing is difficult to guess. So much uncertainty , creating a multiplayer arena Wartune Wiki thrills and excitement , but also attracted a large number of players coming challenges.Multiplayer arena every day at a specified time and opening the system open time is reached, the game “Arena ” automatic flashing icon , this time , players will be able to enter the multiplayer team arena confrontation ! Players can choose to enter the room , or create your own room , of course, can also find room ID to enter a particular room.After the same room will be successful a team player , started by the captain after the “Start” , the system will enter the waiting time distribution of opponents , for a moment, the real battle began, this time, the only experience you can experience the thrills and team battle stimulation.After the battle is won , the player will receive varying amounts of “medal ” , accumulated to a certain number in the ” athletic store” exchange property of extraordinary purple equipment , experience, out of print books and medicine and other props. You know, these are very rare baby boutique , is really coveted it! As long as you have enough strength to challenge quickly !In addition to the two in one arena , Wartune there are a variety of characteristics of play and so we experience the yo, people BOSS, bounty hunters, battle points , gold offensive , outdoor treasure hunt and other exciting content once you play your fill !Wartune in the chaos of the world after the millennium Shenmodazhan background , players play one of the army led by Santo in the game, to turn the tide in the inferno invasion of human continent eschatological war, safeguard the peace party .Wartune mainly around the city early development , a copy of which began to explore the main line , as the lord of the players through the development of cities, recruit armies to compete with the inferno . In the copy of the exploration , players will experience a variety of play, or chase , or flee , or counter-attack , etc. , and finally become the dominant party disdain .

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