Wartune eternal battle to create a brilliant record of the couple


Battle of the Gods no longer stand alone, lonely, do not worry about finding a partner with the team Clash of the Titans, Wartune 4.2 version of the new on-line “eternal war”, the couple to create a brilliant record ~ You fight, I fight!

Ø eternal battle for the husband and wife team inter-service PVP, divided into heats and finals;

Ø Registration time: Please note that when activities open to official sources, players can sign up at the event interface;

Ø Application requirements: the couple’s personal combat integrated reaches a certain value, the husband and wife team, and the need for a fee, you can sign up;

Ø activities every Sunday 8: 00-9: 00 round, every four weeks for the next; the first three rounds have top award, there is a reward when the final ranking of each end; eternal reward props for crystal, in the eternal battle of exchange shops in exchange props;

Ø spouses automatically enter the same room when the competition, each adjustable their formation.


Formation adjustment

Ø Both husband and wife each person can carry a child and two souls involved in the fighting, along with their total of four combat units;

Ø Everyone adjust the station’s own four combat units, and the same with their children before and after the station rules.

Ø quiz list shows only the diamond group teams, players need to wager this quiz random ranked team;

Ø quiz unconditional bet, you can use a non-binding exchange eternity diamond crystal, crystal bet with eternal;

Ø Specific rules are similar to the gods of war, Clash of the Titans, guessing right or wrong can obtain eternal crystal.

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