Under the magic sound of things on board Wartune Game Reviews


Wartune, players played might ask, this is not a popular global gaming masterpiece it , why is there in the hands of the tour ? Yes , Wartune this epic games have captured the hearts of all beings have been perfectly ported to the mobile side , or the original recipe , the original flavor.Wartune, better players no longer have to bring us as clumsy computer gaming experience , the introduction of mobile unhappy end , let us go can experience the world’s best MMO game experience.Game Overview: The Lost Artifact cause bloody world ( 8.5 points )The so-called Wartune, in fact, God of creation to create a musical instrument .


Since it was created by God , then it is not just a musical instrument . When playing God of creation from the Divine Comedy , whom the world changed.The power of this weapon of whom worry even God of creation , therefore , before sleeping , he will split into seven pieces Divine Comedy , each fragment is a powerful artifact. As long as you can collect all the legendary artifact may be the world . So , our story revolves around seven this artifact expanded .1. Select the character according to your preferenceInto the game, the first thing we need to select the characters in the virtual world. Game ready for us three types of characters, with a high defense fighters , there are high Mo Gong Master , more high crit cold shooter , players can choose according to their preferences .


Capacity is almost the same characters , the key to how you train late .2. Expand the story copy NPC help you quickly into the gameThe story mainly in the path of a copy of Ryan started to control our protagonist, a country with high crit , prospective heart strong female shooter debut. Getting rid of as a warrior , found a large number of long-term experience in the past attacked the caravan road Droop truth , then rescued our NPC Tina .Tina will be a huge role in our back, to help us quickly understand some complex game system that allows players to better integrate into the game. More importantly , when we rescued Tina , she would take us to charge a lonely town. And we will swear in the name of the gods protect you let the town flourish.3. town building feature-rich powerful soundYou want to be successful in the future , may ultimately come down to this town . In the internal affairs of the town hall, barracks , houses, warehouses, blacksmith shop and other buildings, beginning may give the player a feeling in play Warcraft . But as the game’s depth , you will find this game than Warcraft system is much richer. Towns in these buildings as Lord ( our control characters ) level of promotion continues to open up , building level will rise, a lot of advantages Hall is the main source of the internal affairs of the whole town , it helps us a lot of gold output per hour , the interior hall is scalable, affects not only the level of gold production level cap and other buildings , will also affect the income levy and alchemical gold number .Private is the main strength of the local production , in which players can recruit soldiers to strong , so the ease of their own to deal with in the copy. With private level rising, more high injury waiting for you to recruit soldiers and soldiers rising level can make your combat sharply.Houses are used to increase the population cap construction , by raising the level of residential areas to accommodate more people . Population increase , players can recruit more powerful warrior , you create a strong backing. Warehouse used to store the gold obtained , but there is a certain maximum amount , the ceiling level increases with increasing. Smithy is the production of powerful weaponry place , where you can equip intensive , in which inlaid gemstone properties and other functions, is essential for us to build a powerful army sources .4、The soldiers put the game better performance lineupProbably introduced some architectural features towns , let us into the game now ……



Oh, almost forgot, before the start of the game , we have to learn to put soldiers lineup . Here ‘s the lineup is relatively simple, we want to choose a strong human shields or high crit output full look at the player’s own character’s attributes , a reasonable allocation will reap unexpected surprise.5. A copy of the upgrade was rewarded gradually openBy constantly took the game to complete the task to continuously improve their abilities , using design to upgrade the system , allowing the player easier for strong goal. After the rating upgrade will be rich rewards in addition , it will also open more exciting copy , let’s colorful adventure .6. rich skill system to bring you a joyous show game experienceCharacters in the game if it wants to copy Daguai clearance , if only flat cut if somewhat boring. Rich skill system display, give us more passionate gaming experience. With the rising level of skill will be increased and upgrades. More magical place, this game some esoteric skills can be released by the fingertips of graffiti , the game is full of new ideas.Game screen : 3D visual effects design experience to create a real scene ( 9.0 )The game screen with perfect is not an exaggeration to express , perfection is not here to say how good the picture quality , but it can be a full-featured web games ported to ios, which is where some developers can not do . Different monsters , a different copy of the map , magnificent skills , realistic architectural design , smooth and clear picture of the game , the whole gameplay rendered to the extreme.Game action : turn-based play using the skill to play the greatest harm CD ( 8.0 points )Operation is simple, using a turn-based game, players need to do is gracefully before the battle to fight . Game in which players need to have enough skill to cast anger , rage attacks and can get hurt , the more powerful skills required will be more anger , corresponding cooling time will be very long, this is according to the actual situation of players hold their own .The game features ( 9.0 points )1. Alchemy Dead fun to earn extra money by RankingKill the enemies of the soul after death after reap , players can be obtained by Alchemy Dead way more gold , which is an important source of income means we need only turn on the player reaches a certain level . Introducing guild system , PK Association between daily also allows players to get more gold . Design ranking system , show us the level of personal and guild rankings and combat , allowing the player to keep abreast of their ability to facilitate better to break their own .2. a copy of the contents richer hurdles gold everywhere seeIn front of a large number of copies of the test will be ready for the players when it comes to the game, in addition to have a copy of creeps and boss, will find Pandora ‘s Box , and other random items , click might get rich props and gold rewards, but also have a chance to drop the passage of the tube into the enemy . Such clever design that allows players to face many copies no longer feel boring. Here Xiaobian to secretly tell you that, you can also pick up a copy of the money !3. The system allows you different fashionLike with online games , PC side is also introduced the fashion system, players can buy fashion, fashion synthetic fashion conversion way to get beautiful dress, so their ability to become more , you can also slightly better than the people on the appearance of a chip, was especially cool wood there !4. Who is the strongest athletic PK kingConstantly copy clearance , you may feel very tired , okay, talk to friends network play it! Arena is the Lord to show the strength and mutual duel on the battlefield, the arena can be divided and competitive challenges . Challenges can be obtained through additional incentives , and quickly join it !Now Join the Best Free Games Online, here is Wartune Official Website : http://www.wartune.com/