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Forge System

Click the button of “ Forge” in the bottom or press Shortcut Key “G” to open the interface of Equipment Forging


After opening, you can choose the related operation of Forge in the left side.


When you refine Equipments:

1, Choose the equipment you want to refine in the right side.

2, Put the Refinement Gem and the assisted items you can choose in


The assisted items you can choose:

1, Dragon Bead: Corresponding to each level, can make Refinement success rate to 100%

2, Protective Scroll: Make you lose one star at most when the refinement fails. The higher level Protective Scroll can make your equipment not lose stars.


Click the button of “ Start to enhance” that you can refine it.

Equipment Appending: Append the extra attributes for equipment ,you can append it to 20 at most


Reset Attributes: Use the Reset Gem to reset the random attributes of equipment.


Equipment Slotting: Use the Slotting Gem to open the equipment’s slot, which can be used to embed crystal.


Crystal Embedding: Insert the Attribute Crystal Gem to the equipment’s slot.

Crystal Removal: Remove the gem from the equipment embedded crystal, it needs to consume the Crystal Removal Seal.


Crystal Combination: Open the Alchemy System related to the Crystal quickly


Unbinding: Unbind the bound equipment and make the equipment can be proceeded more operation Energy(SP) System

Energy System

You can obtain SP from quests or by praying. SP can be used on lighting up constellations and level up skills.


SP storage:

Click the Pray icon

Click Store SP


Choose the Crystal Vial:

1. One Crystal Vial will be consumed for storing SP.

2. You will need Merge Stones to open these Crystal Vials.



Title System

The Title System can be found in the Character Info Interface.

You can have more special titles at the same time, but only one common title.


At the bottom, you can check or remove your Titles.


After you press on a Title, you can check on the right side its attributes and the methods used to obtain it.


Rules of entering:

1, The Character reaches the required level

2, Have passed the previous level on the adjacent

Times of challenge:


1, Every player can enter the Divine Challenge 10 times every day

2, When “Challenge of today” becomes 0, you can’t enter the Divine Challenge any more. You can add the times of challenge by clicking the “Increase” button.

Rewards of the Divine Challenge:

1, Common Reward-Move the mouse to “Level” that you can check


2, Rewards of completing level. You can open the Item Box after passing level. Click the Item Box that you can obtain the rewards ( You can open one Item Box after completing level, you can open two if you are SVIP after completing level. The player who got the highest score on the current sever, will become the winner of this level, and he can have one more chance to open the Item Box.)



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