The new service to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Five Keys struck DDTank2


DDTank2 open new service ” Sanyangkaitai ” , the new hall and walk Meng Q mount system open , perfect beginners guide and a copy of the experience , inter-service battle duel masters athletics competition for the king , the Bouncing Church will redefine leisure sports , and playing Friends together they embark on a new journey !

You want to accomplish something in DDTank2 Wiki new clothes , a strong fighting force is essential. Here to tell you how to improve the combat effectiveness through enhanced synthesis and fighting spirit in five aspects . [ Strengthen ]Strengthen the stone can strengthen arms , clothes , hats, deputy level , players can be available in the mall coupons , coupons binding points , medals and other purchase to strengthen the stone , VIP players will receive varying amounts of a day to strengthen the stone , VIP rating more the more high-strength fossil collection . Mentoring is also available at the same time strengthen the stone chest open .


[ Synthesis ] Synthetic stone into grades 1-5 , synthetic stone high level, attribute the increase per 10 , the synthesis of property into four categories .

1 , Suzaku stone ( attack ) : Players can battle increases the damage , but a slight decrease in the player’s attack speed ; 2 , basalt ( defense ) : reduce the fighting players suffered injuries ; 3 , Dragon Stone ( agility ) : will increase the player’s attack speed , and also slightly increases the player’s physical strength ; 4 , White Tiger Stone ( lucky ) : Increases the player’s crit damage and crit rate, and will ignore the other part of the defense.

[ Sarah ]

Pearl slot requires a corresponding level will open below a row of slots to use Sarah drill open. VIP players can receive a daily drill , drill can also be purchased at the same time the mall . Sarah bordered can increase the corresponding attribute value , attribute value along with Sarah Sarah level increases.


Sarah get major ways: A copy of the flop ; 2 , playing the king of the Covenant open three times a day for free Sarah ; 3. The auction auction to get .[ Totem ] Totem added attribute points of attack, defense , agility , luck, the higher life , injury and armor, totem rating , the higher the property value , totem need to upgrade the more honor points .Obtaining Honor points : 1 , the world’s BOSS ( soccer captain , evil flame dragon, dark Earl ) ;2, the top right corner of the hall – I want to become strong, free retrieve honor points ;3, open the essence of honor .

[ Fighting spirit ] Hair, eyes, face, ornaments , wings, suits these five sites can increase the fighting spirit experience to upgrade the level of fighting spirit to improve property values. Players can upgrade using the fighting spirit of Dan fighting spirit , a fighting spirit of Dan 10:00 fighting spirit can increase value.

Get Dan fighting spirit way : 1 , with 50 points, coupons or vouchers at the mall to buy the binding point ; 2 , clearance Fam get a certain amount of fighting spirit , Dan. 3 , clearance rescue operations.

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