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Wartune Breaking News – Guild Beasts

Wartune Breaking News – Guild Beasts

 Guild Beasts

Guild Requirements

In order to unlock the Guild Beast, your guild must be at least level 6.

Participation Requirements

1. Players must be level 55 or higher.

2. Players must carry at least one active Sylph.

3. Players must enter alone, parties are not allowed to enter.

Note: Players can participate in this event multiple times; however will only be rewarded once per day.


1. The guild leader can summon the Guild Beast once per day. Summoning resets at 5:00 AM every day.

2. Summoning the Guild Beast consumes Guild Wealth. Different Guild Beasts consume different amounts of Guild Wealth.



1. Players may carry one or more active Sylphs and may select any Sylph for battle. They may also set the battle formation and skill orders.

2. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

3. The Guild Beast will appear shortly after it has been summoned. It will disappear if players do not defeat it within 30 minutes.





1. The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

2. The guild leader can select the Guild Beast’s level when summoning it.



1. Ranking: Points will be earned based on damage dealt to the Guild Beast. Ranking rewards will be distributed to participants accordingly.

2. Top 3: The top 3 players will receive additional rewards.

3. Defeated: All participants will receive extra rewards when successfully defeating the Guild Beast.

4. Final Hit: The player to deal the final blow to the Guild Beast will be rewarded with a special title.


Condition Ranking Top 3 Kill Final Hit
Reward Fang of Fear Golden Holy Water Golden Holy Water, Crystal Shard Special Title


New item – Fang of Fear – Used to exchange for rare items in the Adv. Guild Shop.





Each character can only redeem Guild Beast rewards once per day.

Players must remain in the guild throughout the event to receive their rewards.


Q: If I switch to another guild when my initial guild has already summoned the Guild Beast, can I take part in the event with my new guild?

A: As long as you did not participate in the event with your original guild, you may take part in the event with your new guild and receive rewards.

Q: How do you upgrade the Guild Beast level and what are the benefits of upgrading it?

A: The Guild Beast can be upgraded with Warpath which can be cultivated with Daru. The higher the level of the Guild Beast, the better the rewards.

Q: Is it normal that my Awakening Points are full when I enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: This is normal. Players enter the battle with full Awakening Points, which are consumed when using skills.

Q: I’m level 55. Why am I unable to enter the Guild Beast battle?

A: All participants must carry at least one active Sylph and must not be in a party to enter the event.

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Wartune Master extreme skills plus point play Raiders


Wartune Master extreme skills plus point play Raiders. First praise , The Divine Comedy this game is really good. New Year niece to my house and play Divine Comedy on the computer , try to put me playing with stick in this game.Wartune create a role that we look at the soldiers Master shooter , did not hesitate to choose the Master , no matter which game , the Master is not outdated ( fragile point right, there is a high resistance to take care of you . Master just play their role ) .


Wartune Wiki upgrade things aside , and stereotyped. Say under their own plus points , opened the dual skills , now 55The first pure attack. For a decline in the skills of combat power , but for arena spike, a copy of the mobs and the world BOSS:The first line of two passive ( + magic to master the elements of the heart ) to fill, without the curseThe second line current, flames , esoteric Kuanglei blitz , Minglei point over ( enough points can each give up a little on this four skills, but it is recommended to rise to 55 , the benefits of athletic wear, Fate openness and skills point advantage, enough to make you give up the battle honors, went straight to the world BOSS, a copy of the underground palace 100 , and trials of )The third line that does not increase , because the spike effect , abandon the treatment and magic resistanceThe fourth line is getting ready to cast full of meteorites 3:00 ( points not enough here you can give up a little of each kind ) behind withoutThe full power of pure mage, do not agree, do not spray , the effect tried to know, ha ha. Below to talk about the second ,Thick blood for a variety of BOSS, belong Polishing type . With this , I am a novice when the medication 44 + BUFF operator, has 99 layers to the maze , and was ranked second in the region , the first is the Master , the poor more than 10,000 combat power .Heart elements of the first row of the + magic master point at least, behind without ( curse dispensable, as for the big move is not applicable at this level ) .The second line of the current four points behind without .The third line , the entire point of full -sized light can point at least ( points not enough to light a small light can give a little big , recovery and treatment efficiency point of full proposal ) .

Full cast getting ready , meteorite 3:00 purify the point of full ( not enough points can each give up a little here )This plus point there are kinds of benefits , JJ sets + fashion, with your Swordsman , Archer soldiers with combat power , he can grind slowly die , into the battle to a meteorite ( hit , then do not drive Fury Warrior this you know 0.0 ) and then an electric current , then can a small light, as long as the fighting force does not exceed you , he can not win while also Hao Zhao . Had also planned to write more , come home , and if published , you do not spray me , I will write a Master newbie experience, oh warrior archer can apply .

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Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills


Wartune Master Control Flow ultimate mystery full resolution skills .Maybe you do not love rock solid fighter , high output shooter, if you like walking control , auxiliary route , then the Divine Comedy in the Master Professional will make you like it.

Brilliant flames , meteorites and Kuanglei skills attracted so many players , in addition to the recovery , purification and other auxiliary waiting for you to display their skills . What is the secret purification skills ? Next to the small series to find out more about this mysterious skills.Rune purify what effect? Compared to ” restore ” them by literally be able to understand the skills , purify some relative mystery .


In fact, this skill is to let other occupations have Master Rune purification function , similar to his boss mobs or debuff, for example, continued bleeding , reduces physical attack power, reduce physical defense , magic attack power reduction , reducing magic defense and dizziness and so on.

Master the use of high frequency purify runes , anger consume large, it seems to beat the final boss in 65 copies in time , boss to the player ‘s debuff, harm reduction , it is often necessary to help the Master . If not 60 Master suite has basically been banned copy appeared in 65 , but in fact, such an account Rune helped 55 such suits can not play the Master wants to play again heart.As long as we each bring a purification kit can help 55 Master back anger , problems will be much smaller .

World of Warcraft Wartune Wiki medieval mysteries , I believe so many players engrossed in the wonderful hot PK shootout . What is the role of purification runes in the arena it? Master debuff usually increase the damage , the soldiers continued to snap frozen blood and archers armor . It is noteworthy that archers freezing, a frozen hand speed is reduced so that the other 100% , three rounds down the equivalent of three times a faint Seal , it must be frozen in the purification, and armor defense only reduce 160 points , insignificant , they do not control him .

But in general you want to guard against is not the archers, but the increase of the Master of the damage by 10 % because of the skills of a place like this , the equivalent of three times or even four times the armor must be dispelled. So to kill time in the arena on by soldiers or archers with a purification rune mage rage cost reduction is very necessary.

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Wartune life skills system introduced


Wartune skills introduced:

Character level 35 or above, you can learn life skills at the NPC at the Sky City Trade Zone.

Five kinds of players can choose any life skills to learn, you can learn up to two kinds.

Forgotten Life skills: must be consumed in the NPC at Diamond forgotten life skills.


Proficiency: divided into low, intermediate, advanced, master, master-class five grades. Each level of increase required to consume a certain amount of gold or diamonds, each life skills to achieve the Grand Master can activate a title.

Wartune skill categories:

Acquisition categories: herbs and mining

Collection sites: the souls of the island, amethyst mine, Sky City and other areas.


Gathering the harvest: collecting available material acquisition to enhance the acquisition of skills proficiency, proficiency with the upgrade, you can capture more of the collection thereof.

Acquisition Requirements: collecting things have minimum and maximum proficiency requirements. Proficiency than the minimum value to be collected, after the acquisition of proficiency than the maximum value does not enhance proficiency.

Wartune manufacturing categories: jewelry manufacturing, Enchanting, Alchemy

Manufacturing method: objects can be collected in a blacksmith shop operations, access to semi-finished products; according to the existing formula of raw materials and semi-synthetic synthesis, access to new items.

Manufacturing Proficiency: The above Class 2 operation will increase the manufacturing class skills proficiency, and thus get more synthetic formula, proficiency exceeds a certain value, the manufacture of low-level items no longer enhance proficiency.

Purchase of materials: Some synthetic materials, synthetic formulas need to buy to get the npc at buying gold or diamond consuming, and there is a certain degree of proficiency requirements.

Wartune manufactured product uses:

Jewelry Manufacturing: New product for professional equipment mosaic

Alchemy: Create potions, temporary use to enhance the role of property

Enchanting: Generate attached Monster, all the equipment can be permanently attached to the property.

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Wartune fun game how to do Wartune


Wartune people appear athletics team , no doubt to make up for deficiencies single athletic , enjoying fighting PK , but also joined the meaning of teamwork . Competitive multiplayer features Wartune team is that you can choose to fight together with their partners , but can not predict your opponent ! In other words , you do not know how your team strength hostile .


Or tough to kill you, or are you mad rookie to the child , or you in strength, winning or losing is difficult to guess. So much uncertainty , creating a multiplayer arena Wartune Wiki thrills and excitement , but also attracted a large number of players coming challenges.Multiplayer arena every day at a specified time and opening the system open time is reached, the game “Arena ” automatic flashing icon , this time , players will be able to enter the multiplayer team arena confrontation ! Players can choose to enter the room , or create your own room , of course, can also find room ID to enter a particular room.After the same room will be successful a team player , started by the captain after the “Start” , the system will enter the waiting time distribution of opponents , for a moment, the real battle began, this time, the only experience you can experience the thrills and team battle stimulation.After the battle is won , the player will receive varying amounts of “medal ” , accumulated to a certain number in the ” athletic store” exchange property of extraordinary purple equipment , experience, out of print books and medicine and other props. You know, these are very rare baby boutique , is really coveted it! As long as you have enough strength to challenge quickly !In addition to the two in one arena , Wartune there are a variety of characteristics of play and so we experience the yo, people BOSS, bounty hunters, battle points , gold offensive , outdoor treasure hunt and other exciting content once you play your fill !Wartune in the chaos of the world after the millennium Shenmodazhan background , players play one of the army led by Santo in the game, to turn the tide in the inferno invasion of human continent eschatological war, safeguard the peace party .Wartune mainly around the city early development , a copy of which began to explore the main line , as the lord of the players through the development of cities, recruit armies to compete with the inferno . In the copy of the exploration , players will experience a variety of play, or chase , or flee , or counter-attack , etc. , and finally become the dominant party disdain .

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Stars play brothers enjoy playing the new evaluation Wartune


Mount system can break routine ?    Wartune game is inseparable from a variety of pull-style horse riding , this is not just for the players to enhance the property of important content , or show identity and beauty of the heart of the necessary conditions are met. Divine Comedy new mount system at first glance does not seem anything special, because compared to other games of various exotic animals horse shape, the shape of the Divine Comedy horse seems lack of surprise .But with further information leaks mount system , especially flame war film there guild prize honors flame -ridden finale – sacred sand only , allowing the player themselves. See the flame shadow small series can not help but think of Hollywood blockbuster ” Ghost Rider ,” which marks the beginning of the flame horse horse foot !


Fun index : ★★★★★

Recommendation : ★★★★☆

Skill talent Shazhao reproduction ?    Players experience the game, and I believe that there are different occupations require divide their skill set is demanding , because the skills are an important way to influence the player operation and visual experience. The new talent system how to play, really fun , I believe that many players have been deeply experienced.Blasting equipment is not one of lack of playing the point , although the equipment will also frequent thing after another facelift player game on the road , but there is a process to build God installed equipment God has a sense of pride , which is often a player can not escape the vortex .


Fun index : ★★★★★

Recommendation : ★★★★★

Guild War combat system to prop up the backbone    As a human beast wars themed fantasy theme , exciting combat system is the most emphasis on the Divine Comedy players to watch. Prior to the introduction of guild war , The Divine Comedy has been the arena , a copy of the fighting , and many other models , but also the size of the team up to the challenge .Brothers play The Divine Comedy is a fantasy role-playing masterpiece ! The Divine Comedy game screen with 3D rendering 2D performance players will bring exquisite , extraordinary visual experience. Construction of the city, recruit troops , Dawn copies , The Divine Comedy play a variety of wonderful magical experience for you gorgeous !

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About the Game:Wartune Role-playing game


Wartune is a need to download the domestic role-playing game. Players play in the game, led by one of the army of Santo, to turn the tide in the inferno invasion of human continent eschatological war, safeguard the peace party.

2D game screen with 3D rendering performance of ways to bring players delicate game visual experience.


Wartune Wiki early version of the main development around the city, a copy of which began to explore the main line, as the lord of the players through the development of cities, recruit armies to compete with the inferno. In the copy of the exploration, players will experience a variety of play, or chase, or flee, or counter-attack, etc., and finally become the dominant party disdain.



Wartune 3D rendering screen: true 3D engine to render the magic style to the screen, the next generation of page tour of the animation performance.

Gorgeous combat effects: Half way to make instant turn-based combat is more exciting fight performance, highly ornamental effects of combat allows players dizzying.

QTE combat system: the first page tour combat QTE system, players can enhance the effect of skills through QTE, compared to the traditional turn-based game, fighting is more intense and more exciting.

Soldiers to develop: the game seven soldiers have their own strengths, allowing soldiers fighting spirit by growing, and finally develop a strong corps expedition party.

City building: combining the characteristics of strategy games, players can strengthen their own capacity through the construction of their own city.

Copy of the system: a unique copy of the system allows players to freely explore the game world.

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Quantitative tests Wartune commander property


Wartune commander is the game an important attribute . Many people think that this is of no use , is a tasteless game on , but in fact it is not. His presence must have its existence.

The role of commander in chief : Wartune Wiki commander there are so few integral part of , or is the source ;First , each player , regardless of the Master, soldiers, or shooter , except when the upgrade will increase the attack , armor outside , must be to increase physical fitness ;Second , astrology could have accounted for the commander of the Star Games , and in respect of Star Games can flat step -attack , physical defense , magic attack , magic defense , crit and parry , the sixth-largest star out of view, this this property is very strong .


Third, is the skill of the commander of the Association , each with 20 , a total of ten , a total of 200 .

Wartune commander in the end there is no use?First look Association commander value , power, control and armor can be a shock plus 40 points , but only add 20 physical and commander , why should this set up? Because both too strong , so that the game in order to weaken the action of lowering its value .


Star Games is the same, yet you have not thought about why the physical attack , Mo Gong have added more than a thousand , when the commander of more than one hundred or two hundred plus it?The reason is that here in talking commander of the time , the official website only general said a moment, the commander of the impact the value of life arms , as the impact of how much , and did not say , but it is possible to do experiments to do it, first open a new number and then try out the number of troops in the blood , come back to comparing tuba , an equation can be listed down three times . … in the simplest equation official crack hidden data !

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Under the magic sound of things on board Wartune Game Reviews


Wartune, players played might ask, this is not a popular global gaming masterpiece it , why is there in the hands of the tour ? Yes , Wartune this epic games have captured the hearts of all beings have been perfectly ported to the mobile side , or the original recipe , the original flavor.Wartune, better players no longer have to bring us as clumsy computer gaming experience , the introduction of mobile unhappy end , let us go can experience the world’s best MMO game experience.Game Overview: The Lost Artifact cause bloody world ( 8.5 points )The so-called Wartune, in fact, God of creation to create a musical instrument .


Since it was created by God , then it is not just a musical instrument . When playing God of creation from the Divine Comedy , whom the world changed.The power of this weapon of whom worry even God of creation , therefore , before sleeping , he will split into seven pieces Divine Comedy , each fragment is a powerful artifact. As long as you can collect all the legendary artifact may be the world . So , our story revolves around seven this artifact expanded .1. Select the character according to your preferenceInto the game, the first thing we need to select the characters in the virtual world. Game ready for us three types of characters, with a high defense fighters , there are high Mo Gong Master , more high crit cold shooter , players can choose according to their preferences .


Capacity is almost the same characters , the key to how you train late .2. Expand the story copy NPC help you quickly into the gameThe story mainly in the path of a copy of Ryan started to control our protagonist, a country with high crit , prospective heart strong female shooter debut. Getting rid of as a warrior , found a large number of long-term experience in the past attacked the caravan road Droop truth , then rescued our NPC Tina .Tina will be a huge role in our back, to help us quickly understand some complex game system that allows players to better integrate into the game. More importantly , when we rescued Tina , she would take us to charge a lonely town. And we will swear in the name of the gods protect you let the town flourish.3. town building feature-rich powerful soundYou want to be successful in the future , may ultimately come down to this town . In the internal affairs of the town hall, barracks , houses, warehouses, blacksmith shop and other buildings, beginning may give the player a feeling in play Warcraft . But as the game’s depth , you will find this game than Warcraft system is much richer. Towns in these buildings as Lord ( our control characters ) level of promotion continues to open up , building level will rise, a lot of advantages Hall is the main source of the internal affairs of the whole town , it helps us a lot of gold output per hour , the interior hall is scalable, affects not only the level of gold production level cap and other buildings , will also affect the income levy and alchemical gold number .Private is the main strength of the local production , in which players can recruit soldiers to strong , so the ease of their own to deal with in the copy. With private level rising, more high injury waiting for you to recruit soldiers and soldiers rising level can make your combat sharply.Houses are used to increase the population cap construction , by raising the level of residential areas to accommodate more people . Population increase , players can recruit more powerful warrior , you create a strong backing. Warehouse used to store the gold obtained , but there is a certain maximum amount , the ceiling level increases with increasing. Smithy is the production of powerful weaponry place , where you can equip intensive , in which inlaid gemstone properties and other functions, is essential for us to build a powerful army sources .4、The soldiers put the game better performance lineupProbably introduced some architectural features towns , let us into the game now ……



Oh, almost forgot, before the start of the game , we have to learn to put soldiers lineup . Here ‘s the lineup is relatively simple, we want to choose a strong human shields or high crit output full look at the player’s own character’s attributes , a reasonable allocation will reap unexpected surprise.5. A copy of the upgrade was rewarded gradually openBy constantly took the game to complete the task to continuously improve their abilities , using design to upgrade the system , allowing the player easier for strong goal. After the rating upgrade will be rich rewards in addition , it will also open more exciting copy , let’s colorful adventure .6. rich skill system to bring you a joyous show game experienceCharacters in the game if it wants to copy Daguai clearance , if only flat cut if somewhat boring. Rich skill system display, give us more passionate gaming experience. With the rising level of skill will be increased and upgrades. More magical place, this game some esoteric skills can be released by the fingertips of graffiti , the game is full of new ideas.Game screen : 3D visual effects design experience to create a real scene ( 9.0 )The game screen with perfect is not an exaggeration to express , perfection is not here to say how good the picture quality , but it can be a full-featured web games ported to ios, which is where some developers can not do . Different monsters , a different copy of the map , magnificent skills , realistic architectural design , smooth and clear picture of the game , the whole gameplay rendered to the extreme.Game action : turn-based play using the skill to play the greatest harm CD ( 8.0 points )Operation is simple, using a turn-based game, players need to do is gracefully before the battle to fight . Game in which players need to have enough skill to cast anger , rage attacks and can get hurt , the more powerful skills required will be more anger , corresponding cooling time will be very long, this is according to the actual situation of players hold their own .The game features ( 9.0 points )1. Alchemy Dead fun to earn extra money by RankingKill the enemies of the soul after death after reap , players can be obtained by Alchemy Dead way more gold , which is an important source of income means we need only turn on the player reaches a certain level . Introducing guild system , PK Association between daily also allows players to get more gold . Design ranking system , show us the level of personal and guild rankings and combat , allowing the player to keep abreast of their ability to facilitate better to break their own .2. a copy of the contents richer hurdles gold everywhere seeIn front of a large number of copies of the test will be ready for the players when it comes to the game, in addition to have a copy of creeps and boss, will find Pandora ‘s Box , and other random items , click might get rich props and gold rewards, but also have a chance to drop the passage of the tube into the enemy . Such clever design that allows players to face many copies no longer feel boring. Here Xiaobian to secretly tell you that, you can also pick up a copy of the money !3. The system allows you different fashionLike with online games , PC side is also introduced the fashion system, players can buy fashion, fashion synthetic fashion conversion way to get beautiful dress, so their ability to become more , you can also slightly better than the people on the appearance of a chip, was especially cool wood there !4. Who is the strongest athletic PK kingConstantly copy clearance , you may feel very tired , okay, talk to friends network play it! Arena is the Lord to show the strength and mutual duel on the battlefield, the arena can be divided and competitive challenges . Challenges can be obtained through additional incentives , and quickly join it !Now Join the Best Free Games Online, here is Wartune Official Website : http://www.wartune.com/