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Wartune-Wind & Water Sylph Profile

After the Light & Dark Sylph, another powerful Sylph has joined Wartune family: Wind & Water Sylph. As the combination of Wind and Water, this Sylph is well-liked by our players too. So how can we merge such a Sylph?

Similar to the Light & Dark Sylph, there are two methods to get a Wind & Water Sylph in Wartune.


Method 1:

Obtain a Wind Sylph and a Water Sylph that are both Orange with full aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 500 Sun Cores, 500 Blast of Suns and 200 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive an Orange Wind & Water Sylph Freya.

Method 2:

Obtain Poseidon and Goddess of Prosperity that are both Red with full Aptitudes and at the maximum level. Then collect 1000 Sun Cores, 1000 Blast of Suns and 500 Wind & Water Emblems. Finally, spend some balens and you’ll receive a Red Wind & Water Sylph Frigga.


After the merge, the Wind & Water Sylph will maintain the color while their aptitude limits will increase. So if you merge 2 Red Sylphs, you’ll receive a red Sylph.

But watch out, Sylphs will lose their skills after merging, which means you have to learn them again! Now let’s talk about the Wind & Water Sylph’s skills.

Compared with the Light & Dark Sylph, Wind & Water Sylph focus on MATK, so it’s suitable for attacking Knights and Archers. However, it’s not so powerful when attacking Mages since they have high MDEF.

Compared to the Light & Dark Sylph’s high MATK and PATK, Wind & Water Sylph’s MATK is relatively weak when fighting against Mages. In addition, having inherited the characteristics of Wind and Water, Wind & Water Sylphs mainly play the role of assistant. Bringing 2 Wind & Water Sylphs into Class War and Battleground is a pretty smart idea: one Sylph releases Ice Shield and Aquilon’s Blessing, and the other one restores HP and releases Delphic skills.

So after learning about the Wind & Water Sylph, are you already aware of how strong it is? Would you like to get your hands on one? Then what are you waiting for!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

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Wartune-Thor and Tyre: Fire & Electro Sylphs are coming!

Wartune-Thor and Tyre: Fire & Electro Sylphs are coming on stage in Wartune 5.1, stunning our CloudyCity with its grandeur.

Ever since Fire & Electro Sylphs have been launched, they’ve always drawn the audience’s attention every time they show up. Their gorgeous appearance after they jump into battle and their captivating skill effects are definitely what our Lords always dreamt of.


Tyre is the ruler of Fire, Thor of Thunder. They’ve been warriors since the day they were born.  Passive Skill “Force of Nature” will increase the attack damage by 10%, which can be added up to a maximum of 100%.

Passive Skill “Crackle Strike” deals 50% damage to an extra individual except his target.  Such powerful skill would be quite fierce from beginning.


Fire & Electro Sylphs inflict a double blow to their enemy and adopts an attack strategy according to the player. For example, if our player stands out for its physical Stats, the Fire & Electro Sylphs would incline to physical attack. The same goes for any other stats.

One of Fire & Electro Sylphs’ key skills deals explosive damage to a target and sometimes to themselves too, which increases the damage by 20%. It can last up to two rounds. The other key skill increases the team’s attack speed and deals great damage to one or two targets. It can last up to three rounds.

Let’s put their strength to the test!

What is Wartune?

Wartune game is a 2.5D real-time RPG + Strategic browser game. The game uses 3D render 2D technology so the players can enjoy the maximum visual experience. At the beginning, players will focus on developing their castle and finishing challenging quests. As the story unfolds, they will face monsters from the pits of hell itself. At which point they will need to recruit troops and allies. The road is long, but the reward is your Kingdom!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Community Page : https://www.facebook.com/Wartune


Wartune 5.1- New Guild, New Rules and New Challenge!

It’s been a while since our Wartune new version has been updated. The brand new Guild rules have brought new experiences and challenges to our players and we’ve received very positive feedback. Have you already checked it out?

20151106-WT-公会战boss banner

In order to allow more players to participate in the Guild battle, the new version has opened a new Guild where players of Level 6 or above can join and everyone can participate without level restriction. You’ll also be able to participate several times. Not bad, huh?


In the new Guild, members can accumulate Warpath by donating their Darus in order to upgrade the Boss’ level. The Guild Beast can choose the level of the Boss, and this will determine its stats and the number of Fangs of Fear that will drop. But remember, only the Guild Beast can summon a Boss!


Successfully challenging the Guild Beast would give you 300 Fangs of Fear and Lvl. 5 Luck Stones. We’ve also decreased the reward limit, which means that even if you lose the battle, you’ll still receive 150 Fangs of Fear.


The time limit of every battle in the new Guild is still 30 minutes. This duration motivates players to want to defeat the Boss. If the Boss is killed before this time limit, players will receive rewards. If not, the Guild Boss will be closed automatically. It won’t upgrade or degrade automatically. During the Guild Boss event, players can choose the AFK mode in which you can use HP packs to restore health just like in the non-AFK mode.


After the event is unlocked, there will be 3 Guild Quest. Completing a quest grants a Buff to all Guild members. These 3 Quests are Collect Molten Heart, Submit Gigantic Dragon Bone and Eliminate Acas. The buffs you receive from each are: decrease the Boss’reflect damage, slow down the decrease of Sylph’s  Awakening Points and increase all member’s  damage to the Boss.

Are you ready for the challenge?

What is Wartune?

Wartune game is a 2.5D real-time RPG + Strategic browser game. The game uses 3D render 2D technology so the players can enjoy the maximum visual experience. At the beginning, players will focus on developing their castle and finishing challenging quests. As the story unfolds, they will face monsters from the pits of hell itself. At which point they will need to recruit troops and allies. The road is long, but the reward is your Kingdom!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Official Facebook Community Page : https://www.facebook.com/Wartune


Wartune v 5.1 New Eudaemon – Blood Warrior

5.1新守卫 烈血狂战

Blood Warrior, the New Eudaemon of version 5.1, is now available! In the last event launched by our team to introduce our New Eudaemon, Blood Warrior attracted a lot of attention and became a hot topic among our players thanks to its amazing appearance. Today we can talk about the unique features of the Blood Warrior.

The Blood Warrior will assist you with its magical powers. It has the ability to trigger a vampiric effect which will drain the enemy’s HP.

You’ll be surprised by its two main skills.
Delphic Slasher deals 100% damage to an enemy in the back row. This skill is very useful to interrupt enemy ambushes at the right time.

Delphic Bloody Storm deals damage to all enemies and increases the fatality rate. This skill can deal a lot of damage no matter if it’s a team battle or you are fighting alone.

Blood Warrior has six more skills: Cleaver, Shock Strike, Blood Drain, Shadowless Blade, Menace and The Last Straw.
1. Cleaver causes damage to front row enemies.
2. Shock Strike causes damage to the enemies with less HP.
3. Blood Drain causes damage to a random enemy and triggers a vampiric effect.
4. Shadowless Blade causes damage to two random enemies.
5. Menace causes damage to the enemies at the back.
6. The Last Straw causes damage to enemies at the back and doubles the chances of causing damage.

Blood Sacrifice and Crusader’s Will are Passive Skills. Blood Sacrifice enables your warrior to trigger a vampiric effect with every attack. Crusader’s Will give you a magic attack and magic defense boost.

Do you want to obtain the amazing Blood Warrior? Reach lvl 70 and exchange items to obtain it!

Stay tuned for more information!

Wartune Community

Wartune official website: www.wartune.com



Wartune Breaking News – The Elemental Forests

Wartune Breaking News-The Elemental Forest

The Elemental Forest has two difficulty levels: Normal and Nightmare. Like all other dungeons, Elemental Forest can be found in the Hall of Heroes. Class advancement must be completed in order for you to enter the dungeon. Players may only enter the dungeon once per day.


Boss I: Water Spirits, Cylon and Anze

Cylon – Physical Immunity

Anze – Magical Immunity

Players must defeat both in the same turn, otherwise the boss which was defeated will be revived by the other in the next turn, restoring it to 100% HP.


Boss II: One of the following: [Fire] Laise, [Wind] Raylan or [Electro] Barao

[Fire] Laise: Deals Chaos to random enemy target, sometimes causing it to deal damage on one of its own members. Laise also decreases the player’s Rage and Awakening points.

[Wind] Raylan: Casts Amnesia on random enemy target, preventing the target from using two skills (including Holy Seals and runes). Raylan also decreases the player’s rage and Awakening points.

[Electro] Barao: Inflicts damage over time and cannot be dispelled. Barao also increases damage with every attack and cannot be dispelled.

Note: The system will spawn the same boss if the player fails to defeat it.


Normal: EXP, synthesis materials for Crest and Halidom, and rare equipment.

Nightmare: EXP, synthesis and upgrade materials for Halidom, and rare equipment.

Thanks for your participation, we look forward to hearing your scintillating comments!

Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/

Wartune Review

Wartune is a relatively complex play games, role-playing and war strategy game play integration of newcomers system made very high demands. It Wartune still very good, pre-novice tutorial very long time, so that players can fully understand Wartune huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity through a variety of gameplay that appears, make the players do not get bored . Let Xiaobian for everyone to bring Divine Comedy Mok Ming IOS version of the game evaluation.

Wartune games tells Jaroslaw Balrog is headed back into the abyss Legion launched frenzied attack on the human empire Yala Man, the human empire has suffered heavy casualties, large tracts of barren land, barren. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord Balrog Jaroslaw eliminate the task of picking up, with the town of the country artifact of human empire— All the legends of one of the seven fragments Wartune Sword and human hope the expedition.

Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord’s battle with the Balrog Jaroslaw disappears with their colleagues at the end, who do not know where the fighting process and results. Since then mankind has come a long absence of peace, but large tracts of land or barren, or occupied by aliens. A hero born of the human desire to revive the prosperity of the human empire. Wartune legend of this era will be starring you, whether they can revive the human empire players decide their own strength and resourcefulness.

The role-playing and war strategy combining Wartune play is the most prominent feature, players not only to raise the level of their role, but also continue to improve their city’s main building, through the recruitment of different types of soldiers to finish the fight with their roles. Like most of its war strategy games are played the game, but in Wartune, the hero played by the player himself.

Wartune screen performance was perfect, whether it is the game’s character or scene in the plants and trees are vividly portrayed, it is easy to imagine the game developer put in the game screen. Wartune with a realistic visual style, characters aspects through advanced 3D technology to turn 2D character looks quite real, with the role of the facelift system, players will constantly want to upgrade their character level to get more sophisticated equipment to beautify themselves role.

Wartune performance sound in the game is also perfect, will be a different game scenarios with different music and sound, giving a feeling of being there. Sometimes magnificent, sometimes perilous. Even prolonged listening to the music player will not produce sound auditory fatigue, showing the quality of their background music is very high.

Wartune its rich gameplay, but also allows players to relish, the following I will briefly introduce to you.

Huge beautiful copy of the system: Wartune copy into single copies, more than a copy, single copy is mainly to allow players to understand the game background and enhance their level of use, and more than a copy, the player can get sophisticated equipment, and and other players can fight together, establish a strong friendship.

Original novel QTE system: Wartune order to fit the mobile device operating experience, will Wartune original QTE system made changes, by depicting a graphical way to release the kill, allowing the player to operate more easy and convenient.

Surprise infinite maze system: players have a chance to enter the maze of daily maze is divided into 100 layers, each layer deepening maze monster will continue to become stronger. But every 10 floors generous incentives to promote the players continue to move forward. Clearance of 100 layers, the abyss will open maze, maze abyss BOSS metamorphosis extent unimaginable, but the greater the risk to bring the more lucrative rewards.

Unlimited fun equipment systems: each personal who can wear 8 equipment, and access to equipment, most are from a copy of the award, the equipment is divided into white, green, blue, purple, gold five kinds of quality, equipment can also be make up the suit property of the characters have a greater increase. Players can equip intensive, precious stones, and the purification of the property. Advanced equipment can also change the appearance of a character oh.

Casual cool mount system: Players can get to 40 after the first batch of the system presented a horse, ride a horse is not feeling after a majestic horse it can not only help to enhance the role of the property, but also to accelerate in the copy? moving speed. You can also mount system mounts upgrade, each upgrade will change the image of the horse. Players can also get the horse can change the appearance of the card in the mall and mystery shops, let your horse different.

Competition character astrological system: Star Games is to get through the consumption of gold, and its properties and quality of diversity allows players to freely combine, players can also engulfed other Star Games to enhance the level of a star ship. Thereby enhancing the player’s combat Oh! Because it is a mobile device, all new thing happening in the game you can feel free to share your own good and common experience the fun of the game.

To sum up

Huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity to appear in a variety of play increased the number of gameplay, page tour ends success also created a large number of players Wartune as “Divine Comedy”, so that the hand tour ends outset with large players. The word of mouth is good, the screen fine, rich gameplay hand travel masterpiece does not play real pity.

The Wartune Game Official Website:http://www.wartune.com/



Magic sound defeat all things under Wartune Game  profile

Wartune, played the game player may ask, this is not a popular global online games masterpiece, why will appear in the Mobile Games?Yes, this Wartune has captured the hearts of all beings epic online games has perfect transplant to the mobile terminal, or the original recipe, original taste.Better is the player no longer because the clumsy computers bring us unhappy game experience, the introduction of mobile terminal, let us go to experience the large-scale online games in the Madden game experience.

Game summary: artifact left the world caused a reign of Terror (8.5 points)

The so-called Wartune, is actually a musical creation of God’s creation. Since it is a creation of God, it is not only an instrument. When the creator God plays the Divine Comedy, change the world. This piece of weaponry and even the creator have to worry, therefore, in sleeping, he would split Wartune into seven fragments, each fragment is a powerful artifact. Legend as long as all artifact can have the world. Thus, our story is around the seven artifact expansion.

2. Copies of unfolding story NPC help you quickly into the game

The story mainly launches to Brian size copy control our protagonist, a high crit, strong quasi heart female shooter, debut. As a spirit of the warrior, found in large adjustable road passing caravans long-term attacks the difference of the truth of the matter, then saved our NPC Tina. Tina will have a tremendous role behind us, help us to quickly learn some complex system in the game, let the game player to better integrate into the game. More importantly, when we rescue Tina, she will take us to in charge of a struggling town. And we will, by the gods swear to protect you, let urban prosperity.

3.Town building perfect function powerful rich

Want to future achievement, can be the down town. A home office, barracks, dwellings, warehouses, blacksmith shop and other buildings in town, began may give a game player playing Warcraft feeling.But as the game progresses, you’ll find out the game than the system Warcraft much.These buildings in town with the Lord (we control characters) to upgrade the level of opening unceasingly, building level also will continue to increase, a lot of good.

The home office is the major economic source of the whole town, it can help us output per hour is a lot of gold, the home office is scalable, level not only affect the other building level cap and gold production, the number will also affect the collection and gold income of gold.Private is the major productive forces place, game player can recruit to a strong soldiers inside, allow yourself to cope with the copy of the relaxed. As the private class rising high, more wounded soldier you recruit soldiers, and grades also can promote, let your fighting strength to rise sharply.

Houses were used to increase the population limit of the building, through ascension houses grades to accommodate more people. Population increase, game player can recruit more powerful warrior, creating a strong backing for you.Warehouse for storing won the gold, but the upper limit to the number of a certain limit, increase with the level of increase.The blacksmith is to produce powerful weapons of the place, here, you can be equipped to enhance, in which embedded properties of gems and other functions, we are building powerful forces essential source.

  1. Soldiers lineup to make the game more excellent performance

Probably introduces some architectural features of the town, let us enter the game…Oh, I almost forgot, in before the start of the game, we have to learn to put soldiers lineup.Here the array is relatively simple, we want to choose the output strong meat shield all attributes of game player itself character, reasonable distribution of harvest to beat all surprise.

  1. Upgrade reward copy gradually opening

The game by constantly took over the task to complete to constantly improve their own ability, adopts the design of system upgrade, let the game player easier for the strong goal.After the rank promotion in addition to get rich reward, will open more exciting copy, let us adventure rich and colorful.

  1. The skill system show the rich cheer game experience for you

The characters in the game since daguai clearance copy, if only flat cut words is somewhat boring. Presentation skills system rich, give us more game experience.Skills will be with the level continuously upgrade to increase and upgrade.More magical place, some esoteric skills in the game can be released through the fingertips doodle, let the game full of ideas.

The game screen: Design of 3D virtual effect make the real scene experience (9 points)

Pictures of the game with perfect to describe is not an exaggeration, here is not to say that how perfect quality is good, but it can be fully functional web games ported to IOS, this is some developers do not place.Different monsters, different copies of the map, the magnificent architectural design skills, realistic, smooth clear images of the game, the gameplay will be brought into full play.

Game controls: round system play skill of using CD hit the maximum damage (8 points)

The operation is relatively simple, a round of the game, game player needs to do is before a battle can be set to battle.The game player cast skills need to have enough rage, rage value can be obtained through the attack and damage, more powerful skills required anger will be more, corresponding cooling time will be very long, this game player can grasp their own according to the actual situation.

The game features (9 points)

  1. Gold poly soul to earn extra money rankings increased pleasure

Kill the enemy will be harvested after the death of soul, game player can through the alchemy of poly soul way to get more gold, this is one of the important means of our economic source, the need to reach a certain level of game player to open.The guild system introduction, daily association between the PK also can let the game player to get more gold.Design of ranking system, display and guild rank and fighting for our ranking, let the game player to understand their own ability, to better their breakthrough.

  1. Copy content rich gold levels everywhere see

Front have said the game would prepare a large number of copies of test for game player, in addition to have copies of creeps and boss, also found that Pandora’s box and other random items, click may get rich props and Gold Award, also have the opportunity to fall into the enemy’s siege of.The design of such ingenious, let the game player in the face of numerous copies of no longer feel boring. Here small make up to secretly tell you, you can also pick up money copy oh!

  1. Fashion system let you out of the ordinary

With online games, PC end also introduced fashion system, players can buy fashion, fashion synthetic fashion transformation is a way to obtain beautiful dress, so their ability to become higher, also can be in appearance slightly one upmanship, especially feelings of great wood!

  1. Who is the strongest competitive PK King

In the continuous customs copy, you may feel tired, never mind, go with friends, network play!The arena is Lord to show the strength and fight with one another on the battlefield, the arena can be divided into the challenge and competition.Through the challenges can receive additional reward, join us!

General comments: pure online box transplant the original recipe original taste (8.8 points)

Wartune game as a Mobile Games is not easy, can come from online games platform up. Design of the game system rich, gorgeous display of skills, with the game of passion background sound, the gameplay is highlighted.Importantly, there is a good story of the development of this game, let the game player as the story further challenge to the new boss, which makes the game became more connotation. Like this kind the net swims the game player is still waiting for what, for God is our fight!

Wartune Official Website :http://www.wartune.com/