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Legend Knight, the Origins of a Legend

The wheel of history is ever turning, and with each spin legends are born and old legends fade away. But there is one legend that stands out. One that still affects us today…
11000 years ago demons were creatures of perfection, and with their wisdom and sacred magic they ruled the world.  Their empire lasted for millenia, until one day came the War of Dragon.
At this time there was a race of winged people, who were forced from their homes into a new continent.

Into forbidden lands.
These lands were home to the most powerful demons, the leaders or the entire world. The winged people, unable to return to their own homes, began to wage war against the demons. The war reduced the continent to ruins, and it became the Undead Realm.
During this terrible war seven great heroes were born – the Green Dragon Knight——Lori, the Azure Dragon Knight——Damiat, the Gold Dragon Knight——Balzac, the Violet Dragon Knight——Kansas, the Silver Dragon Knight——Shirley, the Ruby Dragon Knight——Jack, the Black Dragon Knight——Rose.
It was a time of chaos, and many other races joined the war hoping to advance their stations in the world. But it was the two most powerful races – the humans and the demons – who caused the most destruction. Their greatest battle would forever be remember as the Battle of the Dragon. The great city of Glory City, was utterly destroyed, and the pale shadow which has replaced it is known as Glory City. But the spirit of the Dragon Knights still lingers.