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The Superior design and review of Legend Knight

Players awaited dreaming of classic masterpieces Legend Knight finally debut game in App Store! In addition to faithfully authentic game will be ported to the PC version for mobile devices, and optimize operation and enhance the overall operation of the game fluency. In addition, the built-in simplified and traditional “Operating Instructions” and “Raiders” to make it easier for players to use, while adding “set set” and “Featured music” allows players to better enjoy the fun of the game.

Background story happened in the mysterious continent Mara, there is a civilization from the ancient castle can float in the air of mystery “city of gold.” Before the protagonist “Hamlet” adopted son “Thor” and partners “Juarez”, came across a beautiful girl has amnesia, “Yau Nicole” and her escort, “Gaia.” In the “Thor” insistence, a pedestrian decided to send “Yuu ni” to return home, but accidentally rotating gear their fate.

As a strategy game, Legend Knight game balance is very high, the challenge of the game is also very rich with hidden elements, so the game’s playable degree and depth of their classmates, a new game! Compared to previous generation, in addition to more enterprising battle screen with spectacular spells, this made perfect blend of strategy and RPG elements, the game was pushed SLG peak, is recognized as the most successful board game in the history of one of the works. Welcome to a good finish up this classic.

Legend Knight Features

* Classic moving elements

Built out of print setting game set, a collection of characters manuscripts, weapons, armor, items, spells, and other details, but also additionally featured soundtrack CD was included which give players the most innocent memories and joy.

* Optimized user interface

To reinforce the picture of beauty and convenience of operation, Legend Knight comprehensive operating instructions use graphical interface to improve the timeliness of fighting, it is particularly reconfigure for mobile devices, allowing the operator interface can be customized transparency, control methods are then optimized for hands free to switch to a single, and built-in simplified and traditional “operating Instructions” and “Raiders” make it easier for players to get started.

* Changes in multiple occupation

Get rid of the monotony of the traditional career path, the game offers multiple prestige classes, a total of eight large-scale systems can have the possibility of change, so that players can follow their own preferences and strategies, the conversion of different occupations, giving players more tactical battlefield changes and thinking If the fulfillment of the conditions, then there hidden job Oh.

* Rich professional roles

Orc, Swordsman, Mage, elves, etc. up to 32 lifelike characters, not only have their own characteristics, but also on the tactics used by more diverse. Legend Knight enters the battlefield to give players have different roles to select specific sections of up to 20 people, so the player can develop a personal preference to their own troupes to swords. How to effectively combat scheduling various roles, give full play to the strengths of each role player should play your wisdom Hello.

* Changing battlefield events

More on the battlefield with the second generation evolution of the plot, according to the story will be reinforcements, formation flight and swaps occurred in various points of the game map in the new entrants hidden treasure chests and other mechanisms to waiting for players to explore, as long as they use will be able to save the day.

* Superior equipment and property design

Guns, bows, swords and other weapons with dozens of heavy and light armor, robes and other equipment, plus swordsmen, cavalry, soldiers, archers, wizards, fighting, dragon, machine soldiers 8 series professional attributes, with degrees of freedom high.

The Legend Knight Official Website :http://www.legendknight.com/

Legend Knight Marriage System Introduction

1. When you reach lvl 36, you can click the Marriage icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the Legend Knight  Marriage interface.

  1. Male players can propose to female players (higher than lvl 36). After receiving the proposal, female players can accept or refuse at will. Because only male players can propose, female players should be reserved when deciding whether or not to accept.


When a female player has accepteda proposal, the male player must make set the wedding date and timein the Engagement interface.


  1. After the proposal has been accepted neither player can propose or accept another players’ proposal unless one of them goesto a Priest, an NPC in Glory City, to cancel the engagement.

2.The wedding will held automatically at the appointed time, whether or not the bride and groom are online.

【Wedding Packs Capture】

1. The newlyweds can gift Wedding Packs to their guests. Players in the wedding can click the Chests on the ground to accept the Wedding Packs. Each player can accept at most 30 Wedding Packs per day. Complete the Wedding to activate the Wedding RingandRing Soul systems to Craft and refine Wedding Rings. There are three kinds of Rings: Everlasting Love, Telesthesiaand Love in Night Sky. Wedding Rings dramatically boost the HP, PATK, MATK, PDEF and MDEF of all the Heroes and the Character. The bride and groom can also activate the Wedding Rings’ Lover Skills. The more requirements they meet, the more Lover Skills they can activate. Go activate those Lover Skills!

2. Wedding Participants can send gifts to the newlyweds.


Married players can go tothe Priest in Glory City and spend 200,000 Gold to getdivorced. Players cannot propose to again or be proposed to on the day they get divorced.

The Legend Knight Official Website :http://www.legendknight.com/