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“Wartune” iOS version of magical gameplay farm fun graphic resolve


Play “Wartune iOS little friends all know , “Wartune” iOS powerful buddy system really is frightening staggering, but the best place to farm this interaction has been our friend will go to the place every day . Secretly dishes, full charge can help friends , in addition to weeding , about the resurrection plant , not only to get considerable experience , fighting spirit and gold , but also can increase the favorability among friends , was really fun to have harvested a good thing ah. In fact, the function of the farm is not just these little friends can be a reasonable use of the farm system , allow yourself to become more stronger fast , oh , let’s take a look at some tips farms play it.Farm Upgrade – small partners can : help a friend of the sacred tree empowerment ; to help a friend of crop pest 2 ; 3 friends to help crop weeds ; four crops withered after a friend that can help revive . . . . .



These four ways to get the farm experience to upgrade the farm. Upgrade the farm can purchase more advanced seed , you can also unlock more land ( open every 5 piece ) .Ancient sacred tree – a day to recharge the ancient sacred tree , can be obtained after full light crystal , gold , fighting spirit , and so on , every day a friend of God filled the tree farm can also get equal experience you and your friends favorability rating .

The next step is to talk about their experiences to steal food , and how to play the farm can do not steal food , but also have to steal dishes, do not see that there can be stolen to steal , so you have a big loss , because the number of Wartune Wiki steal food inside the farm is limited , in a limited number of years to get the maximum benefit for the job . So how to get the maximum yield?These we need to observe carefully summed up , we all know that the seed store 1 hour , 4 hours and 12 hours , as well as low-level and high-end in order , of course, some players through other channels to obtain the holy order and legends seeds , encounter this dish , we mark a decisive time to steal .


Second, we must give priority to steal food 12 hours , and 12 hours priority stealing high-end cuisine, as for one hour and four hours of food , whether it is high-order or low-level Do not steal , unless you have the number of times a day to steal food ever use it is no longer such , or you run out early times to steal food , and so you see someone else’s dish cooked legend that you called in tears ah.Share experiences on the farm to this matter, I wish everyone in the “Wartune” iOS in play more fun , make more small partners .

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Wartune its rich gameplay, allowing players to relish

Wartune is a relatively complex play games, role-playing and war strategy game play integration of newcomers system made very high demands. It Wartune still very good, pre-novice tutorial very long time, so that players can fully understand Wartune huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity through a variety of gameplay that appears, make the players do not get bored .

Wartune tells Jaroslaw Balrog is headed back into the abyss Legion launched frenzied attack on the human empire Yala Man, the human empire has suffered heavy casualties, large tracts of barren land, barren. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord Balrog Jaroslaw eliminate the task of picking up, with the town of the country artifact of human empire

The legendary Sword of all human hope Wartune seven pieces, one foot on the journey. Heavenly Sword division Ake Lord’s battle with the Balrog Jaroslaw disappears with their colleagues at the end, who do not know where the fighting process and results. Wartune legend of this era will be starring you, whether they can revive the human empire players decide their own strength and resourcefulness.

The role-playing and war strategy combining Wartune play is the most prominent feature, players not only to raise the level of their role, but also continue to improve their city’s main building, through the recruitment of different types of soldiers to finish the fight with their roles. Like most of its war strategy games are played the game, but in Wartune, the hero played by the player himself.

Wartune performance sound in the game is also perfect, will be a different game scenarios with different music and sound, giving a feeling of being there. Sometimes magnificent, sometimes perilous. Even prolonged listening to the music player will not produce sound auditory fatigue, showing the quality of their background music is very high.

Wartune screen performance was perfect, whether it is the game’s character or scene in the plants and trees are vividly portrayed, it is easy to imagine the game developer put in the game screen. Wartune with a realistic visual style, characters aspects through advanced 3D technology to turn 2D character looks quite real, with the role of the facelift system, players will constantly want to upgrade their character level to get more sophisticated equipment to beautify themselves role.

Wartune summary

Huge game background and rich gameplay, with a reasonable opportunity to appear for a variety of gameplay

Wartune increased the number of the game, the end of a successful tour page also created a large number of players Wartune make hand tour ends outset have a lot of players. The word of mouth is good, the screen fine, rich gameplay hand travel masterpiece does not play real pity.

Wartune is the Free Games Online and welcome to the Wartune Official Website: http://www.wartune.com/