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Ninjas Broke My Keyboard Official Website-Daily

In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, there are many cheats that you can use to increase your character’s level. Let me show you some.

1.Login Reward: You can claim once every day.


2.Dark Merchant: I suggest you talk with the Dark Merchant once you are online. Because the shop list of the Dark Merchant will be refreshed every 6 hours, and the beginning time is decided by you, which will be activated once you dialogue. It is worth noting that the last two goods of the Dark Merchant can be bought with gold.

3.Guild Event:

1)Mining: You can obtain gold from mining, if you are lucky enough, you can also obtain Balens. Mining can increase the guild’s EXP.

2)Totem: You can obtain 20% bonus for wild monster challenge for 20 times, which you can use while in Blitz model.

3)Shop: You can obtain contribution from wild battle, Elite Dungeon and guild donate, the best buy good of which is the Hero Upgrade Stone(1000 contribution per one).


4.Hot Event:

1) World Boss: You can obtain amount of gold and darugs.

2) Duel: You can obtain amount of gold and honor, besides, you can get shards of Platinum Dragon.

3) Demon Tower: You can obtain amount of darugs.

4) Hall of Heroes: You can necessarily obtain hero shards, and according to the difficulty level ,the shards will be different.

5) Lucky Stumps: You can obtain amount of EXP Slime Cards and 5 Stamina Bread.

6) Escort: You can obtain gold, draugs, stamina bread and astral.

5. Elite Dungeon: I suggest you battle with until level S, so you can obtain Equipment Scrolls, Hero Upgrade Stones, Gems ,Hero Shards and so on. PS: If your stamina is full enough, try to wipe out the Elite Dungeon once per day.


6.Battles in the wild: If you have stamina remained, choose the map that you can obtain anima element in to defeat monsters or Blitz.

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Battle cheats of defeating the Winter Goddess

Ninjas Broke My Keyboard is my favorite online game recently because it has classical Dungeon challenges, attacking combos, striking Skill effects and collecting Hero Cards to summon Heroes and defeating your enemies. With lots of mini games to entertain you and the innovative arc maps, you’ll find yourself immersed in a rich and magical world.

The higher level you are, the much fun you can get, so it is quite a big pity for players who give up in 10+ level because of the battle bottleneck. However, in order to make more players have fun ,I am willing to share my battle cheats with you.

The first battle bottleneck of this game should happen in L13 when the Winter Goddess appears. Before the battle starts, the game system guide the players to enchant blacksmith to L10 considerately. But personally,L10 isn’t enough for battling with Winter Goddess, besides, the mount of gold is great ,so you can enchant all your blacksmiths to the maximum level, which can make a best function of the gold.


Don’t forget your heroes after enchanting your blacksmith. Open the Heroes page, You can level up your Heroes by absorbing other heroes’ EXP. But remember, the level of your heroes cannot be higher than that of your character, so you need to estimate the times of absorbing, or you’ll make waste.



After these two steps, your battle rate will improve greatly. Now you can face with the Winter Goddess confidently.

However, it isn’t easy to defeat the Winter Goddess, so we need to combo flexibly according to the skills feature of your character. For example, the Mage which I chose, is little but strong. Normally, at the beginning I combo Demon Circle so that I can circle the enemies then combo the Cataclysm, which I can make the enemies hit intensively. After these two combos, the HP of the enemies is not much left then I combo the Snowstorm to KO all of them.

Above are my battle cheats of defeating the Winter Goddess, which I hope can help you pass the ongoing adventure.

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