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Mercenary Outfit: Outfit Card Strategy


The new Mercenary Outfit has been launched! Are you bored with the default appearance of your Mercenaries? This new outfit is not only beautiful but will also boost your Stats!

Sword Saga is launching the Starmoon Priest Outfit Card (for Angelina) and the Silver Star Outfit Card (for Crisesy). Players can only get these Outfit Cards by taking part in Events. But don’t fret, more Outfit Cards will be launched and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to obtain your own! Stay tuned to our official website and Event notices in Facebook.


Starmoon Priest (Bronze)

Usedto activate Angelina’s Bronze Outfit

The long forgotten Starmoon Church has now returned after hearing the story of Angelina’s healing powers. They found out that the power of Lady Isil is still exist in this world and they want to take Angelina as their high Priestess. “I should honor their name by working harder than ever!”




Silver Star (Bronze)

Use to activate Crisesy’s Bronze Outfit

Crisesy has been saving money for a long time to buy an armor forged with the finest most powerful metal ever known: mithril. She asked a Smith to forge her a beautiful armor and a new weapon, and now Crisesy shines like a silver shooting star in the battle field. “With my new Equipment I will be unstoppable!”

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Sword Saga clearance techniques


Want to quickly get started Sword Saga game , small advice skill players pass , pass the experience of senior players before beginning to understand the next share the game allows you to get started quickly , of course, if you want to fully enjoy this game brings cross fresh excitement , players can own more practice under fumble through.


Android version Sword Saga regarded in July in the first wave of Android game epic , although already not a new work , but ported to the Android platform IOS Sword Saga has been without a packet can be installed directly .Sword Saga whole game can be compared to Diablo 3 , can be called mobile version of Diablo 3 . Alcatel Android version dragon ying reached as much as 300MB , the overall style ARPG 3D action game masterpiece , the game you can choose to humans, elves , trolls three races , as well as soldiers, thieves , archers Ranger, Mage four career choice.


Sword Saga Wiki game system and world view are very ambitious , both prestige systems, weapons systems , herbs large systems are now mainstream RPG games ago. Perfect 3D graphics , as well as the grand battle scenes , even if you are not a diehard RPG game will love this game.

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Pursuit Dragon Sword Saga dragon blood to enhance combat capability strengthening articles


According to legend, the Sword Saga descended to personal appearance in the world , looks like ordinary people , like humans fighting ways . But as a dragon but has a strong potential , dragon blood flowing in the body under certain opportunities, Will be connected through , get the dragon god, became the incarnation of God prehistoric , Armageddon , withering , become invincible on the battlefield there.


Sword Saga in this game, Dragon’s Blood strengthen promotion is a very powerful play, a lot of players at the same level of equipment, the difference is not too many cases , are opened combat power by strengthening the function of dragon’s blood . Dragon’s Blood enhanced gameplay is not very complicated , do not take up too much time and energy it takes to master . Dragon’s Blood Dragon and Dragon’s Blood engraved into two parts, here’s a brief look at it.Many , too many attributes assigned function of dragon’s blood . To sum up the dragon’s blood can improve life , attack, physical defense, magic defense , crit , parry and other attributes. The engraving can increase the percentage of the property to enhance the effect of the basic properties of the resulting higher the stronger . Various properties of the higher total fighting force dragon blood is higher, the higher personal combat . Once the dragon blood raised to a certain level, then it can become a strong metamorphosis .Engraved dragon blood needs to be strengthened , dragon’s blood get in the abyss prison . A copy of moderate difficulty , players can level to get into a copy of the material . Click dragon blood engraved button on the back of strengthening reinforced dragon blood. Dragon Xingyue stone needs strengthening, moon and stars in a personal challenge and stone manor . Dragon left back once activated, click on the flash point of the Dragon can be activated .Strengthen on the dragon’s blood , there are many tips on how to increase the probability of success , how to minimize the cost to achieve maximum effect , and so on . If you want to be strong in the Sword Saga , then join us , value packs hot relax , exciting content , passionate team battles all in Sword Saga!Welcome to the Best Browser RPG Game ,and the Sword Saga Official Website :http://www.swordsaga.com/


Fun Sword Saga intimate setting round without difficulty


Seventh Avenue boutique full beauty regiment battle page tour Sword Saga, rich mercenary favorability dialogue fully inherit property and equipment , the unique displacement system moves …Intimate setting of the game allows players to comprehend what is vital to the “people -oriented”, full- value experience to let you play cool.[ People-oriented universal Games Sword Saga players to experience a sense of focus , making the industry's conscience products: Even Cock wire , but also can play games from precious as gold , players can also get free , enrich your coffers ;Being less than succinct stone dragon blood , but you can go to the auction transaction in exchange for diamonds ; had gas can fully inherit property and equipment , dress burdens without pressure ;The most important thing is the players want to have the most epic orange dress , but you can create your own , become rich handsome just around the corner !

[ Precious gold fingertips ]

Sword Saga in gold is very rare and precious . Volume of output will be reduced, but consumption will be reduced. In order to not let the players have seen sixty-seven digit powerlessness to do anything but gold . As long as small partners hard enough , I could be when the Tyrant .

[ Transmission system free experience ]

The inheritance system allows you to replace the carefree new equipment . Strengthening, the purification , the old equipment gem hole will be a key to the new equipment easily go free inheritance .However, note that only the low-level equipment transferred to advanced equipment with parts go oh. In addition , the decomposition of the old equipment will be able to get all the material synthesis of this equipment !

[ Was ]

the best props in the gameProps Magic Dust Light refining equipment needs, and build equipment , various types of materials and equipment to strengthen the dragon’s blood will drop from the game. If you want to quickly get to grow and improve, the players need to be traded by the auction house to what they want.In order to allow players to have a better sense of the experience , the auction house will cancel all taxes and fees , make sure to buy a diamond can buy something without any additional taxes , the full protection of the interests of the player.Comprehensive intimate settings, so you Fun Sword Saga without difficulty …… more dizzying exciting content waiting for you to experienceWelcome to the Best Browser RPG Game ,and the Sword Saga Official Website :http://www.swordsaga.com/


Sword Saga civilian players Raiders rational use of resources

Sword Saga civilian players Raiders rational use of resources, and most of the main article and I share the same non-Tyrant players, mainly against civilians novice players, Tyrant Great God can ignore. For those of us civilians players, how daily use of limited resources, it is extremely important, the following classification with everyone I talk about my experiences together.

one, gold coins

Access: variety, add up, not discussed here, is the world’s fastest BOSS come and gold tree, you must not miss.

Uses: 1. First, the Association donated, we did not open for the king of the certificate of civilians every day all donated 1 million cap off. Donated how to use it? The first one is the union of skills, do not think that little addition, gold can combat the place should not have to change much, this is very safe, very value; how the contribution of one can choose to pray, you can add activity. You can get some good luck tied drill needs to buy something. Two can go to the guild shops, but overall not much worth buying Stores Association, personally do not like drugs, it is a shortage of training when you can buy the book here, than get tied drill conversion more.

2. astrology. Astrology can not account for the main star, to see the character, but do not worry novice players, behind astrology more, your credit enough to make you want to exchange the stars, the preferred physical attack (method of attack), life, crit. Astrology requires a lot of gold, according to their own situation, I usually less general account, the activity must be filled when the 500 times a day, sooner or later anyway.

3. Other. Consumption of gold and other places less controllable, and are necessary to strengthen such weapons, must roll up to one hundred percent, not take much gold, and precious stones, etc. As for the conversion of consumption, you can not control, you need to have to use the time, so who at any time to ensure that there is at least two to three million gold backing.

Two, tied drill

Access: attendance, activity packs, guild chest and so on. Tied to drill more valuable, but still be able to slowly accumulate a lot (29 mission after 1000 can get tied drill)

Uses: 1. the equipment you’ve got four holes filled.

2. What is the mall to buy it? Is still the most affordable gemstones, beast began worthwhile, expensive, dozens of war will add a little bit of force. Training a lot of books, but you can buy in the guild mall. Remember: buy gems are not be wrong.

3. when you need to buy a double experience scroll experience, not expensive. Abyss key 30 level and then buy it, before the emperor has analyzed data, the number of layers is too low as a direct buy gems.

Third, diamonds

Access: charge. . . . Are reluctant to spend a penny you can skip this section, I am here to talk about the players are willing to spend a small amount of money.

Purpose: The first punch packs a good deal, 10 yuan, filling the send equipment, can be used to forty, it is value.

2. Remember that a principle, who can tie diamond buy, not with real diamonds, then what is left of it? The first is the alchemical diamonds for gold, for us civilians, the first day alchemist or more cost effective, 3 cents change tens of thousands of gold coins, recommend refining once. In addition, incentives to get back inside, for Dabu Wan battlefield, can retrieve the appropriate financial resources according to what medal after medal get way too little.

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Relationship analysis Sword Saga attack and damage

Sword Saga relationship attack and damage analysis, we may notice that when looking at the skills, writing skills, and some are XX% of attacks, and more skill to write a XX% damage.

For example, this skill is very clear that in describing the same skills in the same time there has been attacked and hurt ~

Let us first understand what the easiest to attack and damage the relationship between ~

Damage = Attack – defense.

Of course, in actual formula Jianying wood far so simple, but this relationship is generally true of ~

That one’s Attack of the damage caused by the other defense offset minus injured, and the remaining part is the actual harm ~

Come to talk about combining the skills description ~

General damage skills are hurt XX%, but replies XX% of life and injuries sustained are generally attack. Students can make good use of the set ~

Simple example -

I am a soldier took the warrior skills to say, break the evil cut this skill is very powerful to see the percentage, three broken evil cut nearly 10% of the damage there, but the soldiers students may find evil chop break if hit on the other side of human shields possible wood imagine so painful, not second person. Because skill description is as follows:

The reason here is 724% damage. If the damage is not written here, but 724% physical attack that injured blood super skills – for the shrimp it? Simple to count ~

Suppose our attack is 1W, opposite defense is 5000, damage formula does not consider anything else, simply by reducing attack defense (actual formula more complicated than this, but the general direction of the wood because they facilitate the calculation is wrong, for example to use it ).

So 100% damage should 10000-5000 = 5000;

724% damage should be 5000 * 724% = 36200.

But if it is 724% attack, then the damage should be 10000 * 724% -5000 = 67400.

The results are obvious. (Figures we ignore it, the formula is not the case drops, but explained direction.)

Regarded initiate it – the actual formula attacks and damage is still being tested, but also want to master their exhibitions ~~~

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