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Powerful Astrals Protect You in Legend Knight


Fate is beyond our simple imaginations. Since ancient times astrologers have tried to unravel its mysteries, to predict the joys and and sorrows of life, through astrology. But astrology can’t predict the future, no person has forewarning of what will happen, what will bring them success or how their life will end. In Legend Knight astrology is not used as some paltry magician’s trick, it is instead a recording of history’s greatest heroes, and a tool to create new heroes.

Astrology is a pivotal part of Legend Knight’s gameplay. There are 50 levels of astrology, players can use them to gain powerful astrals. Different colored astrals are more powerful, with gold being the most powerful of all. These astrals can greatly improve a character’s stats, making them even more effective in combat, and possibly helping them turn the tide of battle.

Legend Knight gives players access to a powerful new tool, ignoring fate and instead preparing them for deadly wars to come. Only the powerful survive, and the powerful use any method they can to become the greatest.