SwordSage – Merry Christmas!

SwordSaga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

Get New Fashions for Christmas:

Christmas is coming, so get ready to sing some Christmas Carols! But you’ll also need new Fashion items to properly celebrate Christmas!

How to obtain your Christmas Fashion:

1. Open a Christmas Fashion Chest and you will have the chance to obtain one of these items: Christmas Helmet, Christmas Weapon, Christmas Armor, White Snowflake, Gold, Lv2 Gem Chest, Gem Potion, Training Book and Exquisite Gift.

The Christmas Fashion Chest is on sale in the Shop. You can get if for only 35 Balens! Don’t miss this chance!

2. Collect 30 White Snowflakes to exchange for one of these items: Christmas Helmet, Christmas Weapon and Christmas Armor. Collect 90 White Snowflakes and you can get the whole Christmas Fashion Set! White Snowflakes can also be used to exchange for Gold, Gem Potion, Magic Oatmeal, Exquisite Gift and Training Book. Don’t miss this chance! Collect all the White Snowflakes!

Collect Puzzles to Exchange for the Mount Reindeer:

Christmas season is so exciting! Everybody is getting gifts and sales. You can get this Christmas limited mount Reindeer to celebrate.

How to get a Reindeer:

Collect 120 Moose Puzzles to exchange for a Reindeer. You can obtain the Moose Puzzles in the Hot Events.

Gather your allies, the battle begins!


SwordSageOfficial Site:www.swordsaga.com