SwordSaga New Mercenary-Stella

SwordSaga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser. In SwordSaga, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and to finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.

The Vindictive Mercenary: Devil Child Stella

When Stella was a child her mother was a well known healer, adept at treating the sick and the wounded. As her skill grew the nearby villagers began to suspect her of witchcraft, and so one night they formed a mob bent on ending her alleged use of the dark arts by burning her at the stake. Knowing that her mother was innocent, Stella begged the villagers for her mother’s life, but they were indifferent to her cries. The villagers went to her mother and promised that if she did not use her magics to defend herself they would spare poor, defenseless Stella. Stella’s mother believed them, and willingly sacrificed herself for the safety of her daughter. The villagers were not to be trusted, however, and not long after the last embers of her execution fire had sputtered into charcoal they came for Stella. She locked herself away, and as she heard them hacking at the door, she was consumed by the flames of hatred.She swore to all the gods and demons that she would give her soul for vengeance upon these petty, stupid people. The Devil Lord Patrick heardthe call of this vindictive child and came for her soul, granting her some of his own power in exchange. It was many days before the last of the villagers was finally allowed to die.

Each day at sunrise Stella lookstowards the rising sun with her empty eyes, and feels the morning’s warmth on her hands. If there was a moment to see the last slivers of Stella’s humanity it would be then, but none have had the chance to gaze into those empty sockets. The moment passes quickly, and death returns to her. Perhaps her humanity truly is gone, however, and nothing is left but a killer’s shell that once sacrificed its soul for vengeance.


Gather your allies, the battle begins!

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