Sword Saga: Happy Thanksgiving Day Celebrate The Peace

Sword Saga, Best Browser RPG Game , a half real-time RPG, is set in a high-fantasy universe that you can play from your browser. The Heroes, with the help of their mercenary friends, will fight for the peace of their homeland and finally put a stop to the war.

Sword Saga Beautiful and lethal
Don’t let them deceive you, they are the greatest fighters in the world. The game offers you the chance to fight alongside several ladies that may be beautiful, but also lethal. One of them is a proud Queen in a scarlet mechanical armor, that carries a huge magical cannon to destroy her enemies. There is also Lolita, who may seem lovely and sweet, but don’t forget that looks can be deceiving. Another one is Lolita, who’s pure like an angel with her lovely face and tender voice. A charming beauty with a cold and ruthless personality is the legendary Huntress. Your role in the team will be to lead them to crush any enemy that tries to oppose you. Each one of them will add special fighting skills to your team.




Sword Saga Happy Thanksgiving Day

The war between the Empire and the Kingdom is over. When people in Starlan think they can finally have a happy Thanksgiving Day to celebrate the peace, demons that have been sealed in the depths of the earth suddenly appear.TheMercenary League must fight to protect the world. Seems like peace was never an option.



Get Stylish Wings

The history of Starlan will record your victories in the battlefield, but a young soldier with Sheen Wings seems to draw more attention than you. That is a little bit annoying. “Taste my sword, brat!”. After 10 rounds, an announcement appears: Congratulations, SS successfully killed XX, ended in XX five-star kill.

A beautiful item that also provides powerful Stats?This is the most awesome gift you’ll ever have for Thanksgiving.

Gather your allies, the battle begins!

Sword SagaOfficial Website: http://www.swordsaga.com/