Sward Saga goddess new image attributes comprehensive combat power gain

Seventh Avenue magical adventure full of beauty regiment battle boutique page tour -Sward Saga soul card system as soon wait station to play an important launch of the soul card system , will have a great impact on the existing mercenary system , said to be in the cards develop a perfect fusion of the essence and mercenary , a road will be unique in the network game system of aesthetics how players will bring different feelings ?

[ Original Soul card aesthetics system] 

Plato opened a beauty philosophy , Hegel also on the ” aesthetics ” to make a detailed interpretation , Sward Saga wants fusion soul card and mercenary system , in part to create a culture of network page tour unique ” aesthetics” concept. Throughout those great success in the world of online games , in addition to the accumulation of cultural heritage , but also have their own unique aesthetic concept. After all , the players first contact with the game , the first to feel the beauty is part of the eye.

[ Variety ]

Soul cards Goddess Dress Sward Saga tour since creating the page in its own way , is bound to go farther and farther , soul card system is the traditional aesthetic concepts and network entertainment after hybridity together for the players showing a unique gameplay. In Western medieval painting style on the basis of the orthodox , the beauty of the original nine mercenaries, will show their own story in the form of cards , the form of players who have not experienced the mercenaries who are living , will be the card show the most , and beautiful women of various images , it is enough to attract you .

[Enhance combat capability attribute ] 

Eliza knights , dressed in a silver standard armor, shield engraved with the imprint of the Republic , representing the honor of Knight sword ; dragon stalker Isabel , dark green dragon skin software , which is the best defense is the best camouflage , such as the height of the hunting dragon crossbow ready to devour its prey , just like a hunted Isabel goddess incarnate … ” ying ” in the soul of the card system will not only create a variety of nine beautiful mercenary the new styling , and these cards will be turned into mercenary spirit and the power of the player , combat power will be fully improved property .

The most beautiful season , the goddess of you turn around, hundreds of shapes, offer all kinds of beautiful soul … Sward Saga card system design concept, the various forms of the nine mercenaries beauty show in front of the player , grow together, to fight , let us look forward to soul on the line card system it ~

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