Stars play brothers enjoy playing the new evaluation Wartune


Mount system can break routine ?    Wartune game is inseparable from a variety of pull-style horse riding , this is not just for the players to enhance the property of important content , or show identity and beauty of the heart of the necessary conditions are met. Divine Comedy new mount system at first glance does not seem anything special, because compared to other games of various exotic animals horse shape, the shape of the Divine Comedy horse seems lack of surprise .But with further information leaks mount system , especially flame war film there guild prize honors flame -ridden finale – sacred sand only , allowing the player themselves. See the flame shadow small series can not help but think of Hollywood blockbuster ” Ghost Rider ,” which marks the beginning of the flame horse horse foot !


Fun index : ★★★★★

Recommendation : ★★★★☆

Skill talent Shazhao reproduction ?    Players experience the game, and I believe that there are different occupations require divide their skill set is demanding , because the skills are an important way to influence the player operation and visual experience. The new talent system how to play, really fun , I believe that many players have been deeply experienced.Blasting equipment is not one of lack of playing the point , although the equipment will also frequent thing after another facelift player game on the road , but there is a process to build God installed equipment God has a sense of pride , which is often a player can not escape the vortex .


Fun index : ★★★★★

Recommendation : ★★★★★

Guild War combat system to prop up the backbone    As a human beast wars themed fantasy theme , exciting combat system is the most emphasis on the Divine Comedy players to watch. Prior to the introduction of guild war , The Divine Comedy has been the arena , a copy of the fighting , and many other models , but also the size of the team up to the challenge .Brothers play The Divine Comedy is a fantasy role-playing masterpiece ! The Divine Comedy game screen with 3D rendering 2D performance players will bring exquisite , extraordinary visual experience. Construction of the city, recruit troops , Dawn copies , The Divine Comedy play a variety of wonderful magical experience for you gorgeous !

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