Stallion Race


Stallion Race is a game played through Facebook that allows you to breed, train and most of all race horses.


This is a whole new horse racing game that includes life simulation, strategy and athletics. The most legendary and classic horse racings of the world can be found here. It is about the competition between speed and strength, and the match between wisdom and wealth.

Once you start winning races you get to unlock more and more of your training compound, from a media center where you hold press conferences to the very best training facilities and its own airport your horses will get the very best treatment.
Once you have decided on your ability and what phase you wish to use it in you can then race. Each race is played out in front of you, and you can see your skills in use. The races are run automatically and the positions change a lot during the race. Each race is part of a challenge series, and there are more races the further into the game you go.


As well as winning races there are tasks that you can complete. These tasks reward experience and can have special items and the objects you require to upgrade your items and look after your horses. These tasks vary but completing them gives you a good idea about how to manage the game.
There are 3 currencies in the game coins, credits and vouchers. These are spent on new items, skill scrolls and on feeding and looking after your horses. Coins and credits are awarded from tasks and winning races, credits are only available for purchase for real money from the game, though you start with 150 of them.


The gameplay is really well designed and easy to follow, the central map with all of your buildings is easy to navigate and the tutorial gives you a lot of useful information. Though it can be a little overwhelming at the start as its quite a big tutorial. The races are fun to watch and really nicely animated. When you or your opponents use skills you can see it, and use that information to help you win more races yourself.
Stallion Race has a bit of everything but focuses on the races and making sure your horses have the best equipment and training to win. Overall Stallion Race is very pretty and has some fun gameplay, especially if you like creating tactics and training your horses to race to the best of their ability. With several mini games and really nice features Stallion Race has so much for you to do and is a rewarding and fun game to play.

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