Seventh Avenue DDTank2 Meng interesting gameplay innovations revision


Tank2 4.9 launched a new version ,and is the Best Shooting Web Game remember that people encounter athletic heart slam it? In the new version, Seventh Avenue also adds more fun than encounter the system more with a sense of ” Hundred Regiments ” and other games are played, did not talk much to say , let the small series with a bomb into the passion of the faithful Bouncing Church world!

[ New guild battle groups to highlight the power of the Hundred Regiments ]

At Seventh Avenue DDTank2 4.9 version, the most important system Society has also ushered in a dramatic change , the new guild war debut, ” Hundred Regiments ” takes you to experience even more shocking and more exciting collective fight ! Seventh Avenue guild war is retained traditional project page tour , participate in union fight not only can get a lot of loot , but also improve the integration of personal and guild ‘s sense !


Seventh Avenue DDTank2 Wiki guild wars without registration, will open at a fixed time every week , guild wars currently ninety minutes long , while the weekly rankings wealth value increased 8 guild can get involved in the first qualification. To be able to participate in the fierce public battle , then usually do a lot for their contribution to the Association of it ! Only collective strong, we will be more robust growth .


Seventh Avenue DDTank2 guild war will be fixed in a fairy-tale scenes , all war bomb faithful to fight within the system will assign the room , into the battlefield , all players will show the image of a unified role , and be able to random walk inside the battlefield , just click on the enemy camp, players will immediately enter the competitive room. Get involved in the fighting guild battle points if the fight to win, then keep the remaining blood into the next battle , the battle failed to re-enter until the next round of the battle can only be full of blood again. New DDTank2 Hundred Regiments open soon , as the most active member of the Society , how can it not be involved ?  


[ Meng Chong equipment gorgeous debut strongest pet will soon be born ]

Seventh Avenue DDTank2 pet system has been the focus of attention of the players , this big update DDTank2 natural and ultimately those are super adorable little pets . To their pet wear high-level equipment, so their ability to greatly enhance the effectiveness in order to play a bigger battle, so the pet equipment is about to debut , Seventh Avenue DDTank2 ingenuity introduced pet equipment systems , so that all eyes bombs Friends a light. In addition the new system will increase pet renamed and released system that allows your pet to be more personalized.   Also in the new version of Seventh Avenue DDTank2 there will be more in the system is optimized for hosting functions within the battle is finally going to debut it , double prestige card is also expected to occur , the new system has been DDTank2 new debut, along with participation now!

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