Relationship analysis Sword Saga attack and damage

Sword Saga relationship attack and damage analysis, we may notice that when looking at the skills, writing skills, and some are XX% of attacks, and more skill to write a XX% damage.

For example, this skill is very clear that in describing the same skills in the same time there has been attacked and hurt ~

Let us first understand what the easiest to attack and damage the relationship between ~

Damage = Attack – defense.

Of course, in actual formula Jianying wood far so simple, but this relationship is generally true of ~

That one’s Attack of the damage caused by the other defense offset minus injured, and the remaining part is the actual harm ~

Come to talk about combining the skills description ~

General damage skills are hurt XX%, but replies XX% of life and injuries sustained are generally attack. Students can make good use of the set ~

Simple example -

I am a soldier took the warrior skills to say, break the evil cut this skill is very powerful to see the percentage, three broken evil cut nearly 10% of the damage there, but the soldiers students may find evil chop break if hit on the other side of human shields possible wood imagine so painful, not second person. Because skill description is as follows:

The reason here is 724% damage. If the damage is not written here, but 724% physical attack that injured blood super skills – for the shrimp it? Simple to count ~

Suppose our attack is 1W, opposite defense is 5000, damage formula does not consider anything else, simply by reducing attack defense (actual formula more complicated than this, but the general direction of the wood because they facilitate the calculation is wrong, for example to use it ).

So 100% damage should 10000-5000 = 5000;

724% damage should be 5000 * 724% = 36200.

But if it is 724% attack, then the damage should be 10000 * 724% -5000 = 67400.

The results are obvious. (Figures we ignore it, the formula is not the case drops, but explained direction.)

Regarded initiate it – the actual formula attacks and damage is still being tested, but also want to master their exhibitions ~~~

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