Quantitative tests Wartune commander property


Wartune commander is the game an important attribute . Many people think that this is of no use , is a tasteless game on , but in fact it is not. His presence must have its existence.

The role of commander in chief : Wartune Wiki commander there are so few integral part of , or is the source ;First , each player , regardless of the Master, soldiers, or shooter , except when the upgrade will increase the attack , armor outside , must be to increase physical fitness ;Second , astrology could have accounted for the commander of the Star Games , and in respect of Star Games can flat step -attack , physical defense , magic attack , magic defense , crit and parry , the sixth-largest star out of view, this this property is very strong .


Third, is the skill of the commander of the Association , each with 20 , a total of ten , a total of 200 .

Wartune commander in the end there is no use?First look Association commander value , power, control and armor can be a shock plus 40 points , but only add 20 physical and commander , why should this set up? Because both too strong , so that the game in order to weaken the action of lowering its value .


Star Games is the same, yet you have not thought about why the physical attack , Mo Gong have added more than a thousand , when the commander of more than one hundred or two hundred plus it?The reason is that here in talking commander of the time , the official website only general said a moment, the commander of the impact the value of life arms , as the impact of how much , and did not say , but it is possible to do experiments to do it, first open a new number and then try out the number of troops in the blood , come back to comparing tuba , an equation can be listed down three times . … in the simplest equation official crack hidden data !

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