Pursuit Dragon Sword Saga dragon blood to enhance combat capability strengthening articles


According to legend, the Sword Saga descended to personal appearance in the world , looks like ordinary people , like humans fighting ways . But as a dragon but has a strong potential , dragon blood flowing in the body under certain opportunities, Will be connected through , get the dragon god, became the incarnation of God prehistoric , Armageddon , withering , become invincible on the battlefield there.


Sword Saga in this game, Dragon’s Blood strengthen promotion is a very powerful play, a lot of players at the same level of equipment, the difference is not too many cases , are opened combat power by strengthening the function of dragon’s blood . Dragon’s Blood enhanced gameplay is not very complicated , do not take up too much time and energy it takes to master . Dragon’s Blood Dragon and Dragon’s Blood engraved into two parts, here’s a brief look at it.Many , too many attributes assigned function of dragon’s blood . To sum up the dragon’s blood can improve life , attack, physical defense, magic defense , crit , parry and other attributes. The engraving can increase the percentage of the property to enhance the effect of the basic properties of the resulting higher the stronger . Various properties of the higher total fighting force dragon blood is higher, the higher personal combat . Once the dragon blood raised to a certain level, then it can become a strong metamorphosis .Engraved dragon blood needs to be strengthened , dragon’s blood get in the abyss prison . A copy of moderate difficulty , players can level to get into a copy of the material . Click dragon blood engraved button on the back of strengthening reinforced dragon blood. Dragon Xingyue stone needs strengthening, moon and stars in a personal challenge and stone manor . Dragon left back once activated, click on the flash point of the Dragon can be activated .Strengthen on the dragon’s blood , there are many tips on how to increase the probability of success , how to minimize the cost to achieve maximum effect , and so on . If you want to be strong in the Sword Saga , then join us , value packs hot relax , exciting content , passionate team battles all in Sword Saga!Welcome to the Best Browser RPG Game ,and the Sword Saga Official Website :http://www.swordsaga.com/