Proficient City at the Game Developer’s Conference: A Tale of Passion and Success

Every year we at Proficient City head to San Francisco to participate in the annual Game Developers Conference. This year was particularly special as we rubbed elbows with some of game design’s most prominent innovators, showed off our favorite games, and introduced our brand new business model – Game Hollywood.


Ready for the big event


We had a lot to show off at GDC, and plenty to be proud of. Proficient City started with webgames, and webgames are where we excel; in 2015 we’ve released 3 of the finest – Darkstar Risen, Era of Empire and Portal Hunter. While webgames are still popular, mobile is the future and we won’t be left behind so we presented the mobile version of DDTank, one of our most popular games. We’re always expanding and this year we also highlighted our newest ambition – cross-platform gaming. Zeus Age, Dino Tribe, and Angry Karts are powered by Unity giving players the ability to play on their computers, or on their mobile devices.


Our COO Xitou showing off one of our games to potential affiliates

As Proficient City grows, we need to stay fresh to stay relevant. GDC offered us the perfect opportunity to highlight our new business model – Game Hollywood. As China becomes more prominent in the world its gaming industry has begun to boom. Innovation is key, and Proficient City intends to use its many years of experience to guide Chinese and other Asian developers into foreign markets. We’ve broken our method down into 6 main strategies to make sure that these companies provide a quality gaming experience, and bring China to the global forefront of gaming.


Proficient City’s newest innovation – Game Hollywood

Game Engine Technology Support – With all the possible game engines out there it’s hard for many companies to choose which suits their needs. Proficient City has extensive game design and implementation experience, and will help Chinese companies avoid some of the costly pitfalls that can cripple a project.

Cross-Platform SDK Systems – We now have 3 cross-platform games all made with Unity. With Unity’s recent announcement that they will be turning to a free-to-use model it will only become more popular, and we’ll be there to guide the way.

Cloud-based Publishing – Security and simplicity are the keys to cloud-based publishing. We will help our fellow companies maintain the privacy of their players, and the confidence of the industry.

QA Localization and In-Game Customization – No culture is alike, and what works in Asia may not work elsewhere. Game Hollywood will help developers tread the fine line between Asian feel and foreign style.

SaaS Based PMD Marketing – There’s a thousand marketing companies out there, and each has its own niche. We’ll help companies sift through the irrelevant to find PMD’s that excel in their chosen markets.

Infrastructure – It’s a big world, and sometimes it’s hard to keep a handle on things. Payment systems, servers, customer service and a myriad of other problems can plague the uninitiated. Proficient City will help developers expand their reach, and maintain the elements they need to be successful.


Our CTO, James, excited about our future in VR


GDC also presented us with the opportunity to celebrate our new partnership with Futbol Club Barcelona. We’ve already begun to roll out some of the fantastic FCB content for DDTank which will include new weapons, outfits and characters based off of everyone’s favorite football players. We took advantage of the conference to snap some photos of our fancy new jersey with some of our partner companies.


Showing off our DDTank jersey


GDC was a fantastic success and we were excited to be there. We showed off our new plans, met some new advertising partners, found some new marketing companies, and had a chance to chat with old friends.

Now it’s time to get down to the real work. See you next year!



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