Proficient City (PCL)2014 Gaming advertisement photograph

Proficient City is very proud to have invited the international fashion model- Angelika for the PCL2014 gaming advertisement photograph. Angelika has been taken part in many photographs of international well-known brands and magazines, such as Michael Antonio, Guy Laroche, CHLOECHEN, Carhaix, Zooq ,etc.





The theme of photograph is giving a free rein with comfortable, pleasure and natural. There are two sets of dresses assorted with two scenes for the photograph, in which the needs of different characters that Angelika has expressed are just up to the right place: beautiful with sexy; capable and exactly the most feminine.


Experienced Angelika was quickly under her professional photographing status. Without too many introductions, her poses have perfectly taken under the camera’s continuous capture modes. We could see there were three cameras from different angles making sounds like “click-click” and the flashlights were operating all the time.




During the break of photographing, Angelika showed her interests on our games and started to play with them. We had a brief conversation with her and wondering which game she would like to pick. The answer wasDDTANK. It won her favour with its cute and relaxed style plus the game was easy to get started, showing nice graphics and also challenging. Her second choices were League of Angels and Wartune, which she got impressed by their elegant characters and magnificent scenes.






League of Angels :