Farmandia Simulation Games introduction


Welcome to the world of Farmandia!


Live the simple life as you and your friends turn your mom-and-pop farm into an agricultural marvel!


Plant, tend, and harvest your crops so you can turn them into big-money commodities. Earn cash for the fruits of your labor to buy cool new improvements for your farm.


You can harvest lumber, make money off of your livestock, and do everything from beekeeping to starting your own roadside exotic aquarium!


The Panic Room: House of Secrets Puzzle Games introduction



The ancient house made of secrets as much as of stone now harbors a brightly intelligent but gravely afflicted man calling himself the Puppeteer. Take this thrilling hidden object adventure and learn what mysterious forces and undisclosed motives drive him to abduct people and test their will for freedom.


The Panic Room: House of Secrets is a free-to-play hidden object game with heavy emphasis on story and atmosphere. You live through this breathtaking interactive experience along with a number of characters of different personal backgrounds and motives. Searching for items and solving various puzzles can lead you further in uncovering some unexpected truths about the mansion inhabitants and their enigmatic captor, the Puppeteer.


What makes it even more interesting is that you can decide which warring faction to side with: the Followers or the Underground. None of those factions’ alternate storylines has yet been concluded, for the game is being constantly extended and improved.

Stormthrone RPG Games Reviews

When the Trium – Beruva, Umbral, and Tem – created Aeos, it

was war. With the Aeon Weapons in hand, they fought for the fr-

eedom of the Driftworld – and now, millennia later, so will you.


History’s greatest heroes and vilest villains have taken up the

Aeon Weapons.

But their time has passed – now it’s your turn!


As the children of a world forged in war, the heroes of Aeos have

always fought with honor, distinction, and strength. Yet this gen-

eration is different. Abilities thought beyond the reach of humani-

ty have begun to manifest in Dawnhold, infusing ancient martial

traditions with raw arcane potential. No matter what destiny you

choose, the enemies of Aeos will have ample reason to fear you!


When the death of the storm god Tem sealed Aeos away from armies of the Voice Below, it also released the dangerous and uncontrollable essence of chaos into the world. To become a Mage is to embrace Tem’s legacy of change, innovation, and elemental mastery. Though studying the arcane arts can leave Mages physically fragile, their long-range abilities destroy most foes before they get the chance to strike.

Proficient City (PCL)2014 Gaming advertisement photograph

Proficient City is very proud to have invited the international fashion model- Angelika for the PCL2014 gaming advertisement photograph. Angelika has been taken part in many photographs of international well-known brands and magazines, such as Michael Antonio, Guy Laroche, CHLOECHEN, Carhaix, Zooq ,etc.





The theme of photograph is giving a free rein with comfortable, pleasure and natural. There are two sets of dresses assorted with two scenes for the photograph, in which the needs of different characters that Angelika has expressed are just up to the right place: beautiful with sexy; capable and exactly the most feminine.


Experienced Angelika was quickly under her professional photographing status. Without too many introductions, her poses have perfectly taken under the camera’s continuous capture modes. We could see there were three cameras from different angles making sounds like “click-click” and the flashlights were operating all the time.




During the break of photographing, Angelika showed her interests on our games and started to play with them. We had a brief conversation with her and wondering which game she would like to pick. The answer wasDDTANK. It won her favour with its cute and relaxed style plus the game was easy to get started, showing nice graphics and also challenging. Her second choices were League of Angels and Wartune, which she got impressed by their elegant characters and magnificent scenes.






League of Angels :


Easter Bunny Hops into “League of Angels”

To celebrate the Easter holiday. League of Angels (Proficient City Limited) have updated to Version 3.0094. Besides,The brand new Easter Bunny mount is going to make you cooler than ever, and is only available this time of year. Enjoy the fun of smashing Easter Eggs.

New Easter Bunny Mount


Glamor Bonus
Player PATK +750, Player MATK +750, Player PDEF +500, Player MDEF +500, Player Agility +200 and Player HP +2400
Glamor Skill
Divine Intervention Lvl. 1: has 20% chance to increase player DEF and Dodge +5%

How to get Easter Bunny mount?

Collect Magic Hammers to smash Easter Eggs to get the brand new Easter Bunny mount. Get Magic Hammers by participating in the daily events or purchasing with Diamonds. Smash the Easter Eggs in the event menu with Magic Hammers, and you will have a chance to get Blessed Stones, Seraph’s Stones, Element Dust, Cherubstones, Gem Essence, Magic Socket Rod and many other precious items.


More exciting events are coming up. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!

League of Angels is a hybrid turn-based fantasy MMORPG/strategy game. Not only provides players with gameplay that has proven to be a hit time and time again, it adds a ground breaking combat system. In addition to a normal party of heroes, League of Angels requires players to bring their very own angel into battle with them. Each angel supports the party with various buffs and attacks, making them less a member of your party, and more of a honed weapon.

League Of Angels Official Site:

The Hot Browser Game Sword Saga is Coming

Sword Saga, a half real time, player-friendly, role-playing game, is set in a high-fantasy universe and played directly from your browser, you could feel free to try it on the best browser game on the Sword Saga Official Site. In this game, the heroes, together with their mercenary friends, fight for the peace of their homeland and finally pull the continent back from the verge of the war.


Background Story

5,000 years ago, Lady Isil defeated the Demon Army, sealing them deep into the mountains, but she paid great cost, as she transformed into the mines. Now, the story forgotten, the greedy humans are drilling deep mines into the mountains, and the Demons have found their way out. Heroes and Mercenaries will find themselves into a war they never asked for.


As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. It’s the same case in the world of Sword Saga. It’s important to have good helpers when you are in battle. 


Unlike many other browser games, Sword Saga has eight mercenaries players can recruit and from which they can bring three into battle. They each have their own specialty. Players can choose the formation and mercenary skills according to needs. Different formations can usually mean the difference between life and death.


If you would like to join this hot browser game, just come to the Sword Saga Official Site:

Sword Saga – The Battle Ground featuring the Sangreal capture appears

Come and join “Sword Saga”, a new refined web game where gorgeous combos and breathtaking PK are waiting for you! It brings you the latest thing in beauties’ team battles, and presents a gorgeous and fantastic world just for you. Moreover, the camps fight-against system in the game will also bring players an extraordinary chance to try new experiences.


Sword Saga Beauties, are also fighting experts
This Best Browser RPG Game will offer you the chance to meet several beauties that are expert in fighting. One of them is the proud queen in a scarlet mechanical armor, that carries a huge magical cannon on her hand. Another one is Lolita, who’s pure like an angel with her lovely face and tender voice. A charming figure with a temperament that is as cold and beautiful as an iceberg, is the legendary huntress. Your role in the team fights will be to lead these charming beauties so you could crush any enemy that tries to oppose you. Don’t be surprised by their appearance. They might look vulnerable, but they are experts when it comes to battles. Each one of them will add special fighting skills to your team.

Battlegrounds waiting for you, time to show up yourself
Sword Saga brings your powerful equipment and join in the battles in these great battlegrounds. Challenge your enemies and write your own destiny. From the strength of your opponents to the different amazing background, all battles are different but equally wonderful. It is time to show your true skills! For victory, for honor, for the supreme valuable holy grail, join now this new refined web game!

Vivid scenes, hot-blooded contests
“Sword Saga” inherits the arcade game’s invigorating combos and, at the same time, builds grand battlegrounds one after another with amazing special effects. The fierce fights are animated by powerful swords and strong armors, by dazzling lightnings and dangerous lava, by red barrages,  all mixed up with a little bit of magic. A tiny element in every scene can lead players to be completely integrated into the Starr Orchid Mainland and experience the righteous ardor the wonderful combos bring.

Mix-matching skills and gorgeous combos
“Sword Saga” uses a unique system of unlimited skills matching, and the skills constitute hundreds of new types of combinations for matching, which is really the embodiment of the fighting intellect of the player. While exploring the skills matching system in order to come up with a set of exclusive combos, players will also be able to enjoy the exciting and invigorating fighting sense of arcade games. As players level up, they will not only observe an improvement of their combos, but they will also be allowed to recruit more beauties as their new mercenaries. Sparking flames while fighting will create the illusion that every sword chopping draw blood and every fist touches the flesh, thus enhancing the showing sense of the fight.

The battlegrounds in adventurous web game Sword Saga will be available this year, on October the 8th. Remember! You are not fighting alone! Work hand in glove with your new partners for survival, or die together! Who will manage to escape this cruel and chaotic land and bring home the other side’s flag? Is it you the one we’ve been expecting so long? We’ll wait and see. Till then, good luck, my warrior!
The Sword Saga Official Website :, Come on and enjoy it!

DDTank II 5.4 Road to God Version Launches

DDTank cool game

5.4 version of DDTank II is live in September! This brand-new version not only offers more attracting new features to novice and free players, but also add the new battle mode. New Player Growth Reward, Old Player Return Rewards, New Fashion System, Aracde Mode, Cross-Server League Battle and so on. Except plenty of new features, various new events and fashion are also added in the game. Don’t miss it!

Growth Path and Accumulative Login Rewards

ddtank cutest game

ddtank online game

As long as you complete the required goal tasks, you can obtain the corresponding powerful weapon, such as Pet Weapon, Earl’s Sword and so on. Each novice can select one from Spear, Undead Axe, Boomerang and many others for free after logging-in game for 7 days.

online game ddtank

Closet and Fashion Tab   A new tab will be added in Backpack, especially for fashion and switching fashion styling. You can unlock the required closet to activate the Bonus Attributes in the Closet; interface. The more required fashion you collect, the more Battle Power you can get. Cross-Servers League Battle Mighty Army is updated version of League Battle and held once per month. You can get the qualification of cross-severs league battle and challenge various league members in other servers after you got the victory in your current sever league battle. Maybe you are the No.1 in all servers in some day! Every participant will be rewarded. The top players on the Cross-servers League Battle Ranking will be greatly rewarded, such as rare Rings and powerful Bracelets.

DDTank game

DDTank II is a new sequel to the F2P browser-based casual shooter DDTank, featuring easy controls, various scenarios and lots of interesting distractions like social options, weapon synthesis, character customization.Official Site:

Powerful Astrals Protect You in Legend Knight


Fate is beyond our simple imaginations. Since ancient times astrologers have tried to unravel its mysteries, to predict the joys and and sorrows of life, through astrology. But astrology can’t predict the future, no person has forewarning of what will happen, what will bring them success or how their life will end. In Legend Knight astrology is not used as some paltry magician’s trick, it is instead a recording of history’s greatest heroes, and a tool to create new heroes.

Astrology is a pivotal part of Legend Knight’s gameplay. There are 50 levels of astrology, players can use them to gain powerful astrals. Different colored astrals are more powerful, with gold being the most powerful of all. These astrals can greatly improve a character’s stats, making them even more effective in combat, and possibly helping them turn the tide of battle.

Legend Knight gives players access to a powerful new tool, ignoring fate and instead preparing them for deadly wars to come. Only the powerful survive, and the powerful use any method they can to become the greatest.