Ninjas Broke My Keyboard -Holy Item

In order to be prepared for the coming challenges, the new Holy Item system will be launched! Holy Items can significantly boost your character’s stats. In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, which is an action MMORPG based on classic arcade games ,you will be able to collect Holy Item Shards to cast a Holy Item of your own.

Where can you find Holy Items?

 Complete the Main Quest [Defeat the Shark] to unlock the Holy Item system, you can find the icon at the bottom right corner of the main interface (shown as picture 1).



Open the Holy Item interface, and you will see three Holy Items. All of them are locked at the beginning. If you want to unlock one of them, you have to collect 30 shards of the same Holy Item. After the Holy Item system is unlocked, we will send you Lava Battleaxe Shard x 30. You can follow the guide to unlock the Lava Battleaxe, your first Holy Item! If you want to unlock the other two Holy Items, you will have to collect their corresponding shards (shown as picture 2). Here is a tip: Holy Item shards can not only unlock Holy Items but also be used to refine and enchant them. Each Holy Item has three stages: Super, Legendary and Epic. As the Holy Item evolves, its stats will be boosted and their appearance will also change! To enchant a Holy Item, you will need Holy Stones and Holy Item Shards. You can buy them in Honor Shop and Shop.


Picture 2 Unlocked Lava Battleaxe

Holy Item features

 In Ninjas Broke My Keyboard ,Holy Items only take effect after being equipped. You can only equip one Holy Item at the same time. Each Holy Items has unique features:

• The Lava Battleaxe was forged by the lava from the earth’s core. It has the highest PATK boost. A great choice for players who want to deal high physical damage.

• The Anger Scythe contains the anger from thousands of demons trapped in the Abyss. It has the highest MATK boost. A great choice for players who want to deal high magic damage.

• The Elf Staff is made of the power of the earth. It has the highest HP boost. A great choice for players who want to get high HP.

Holy Item Refinement, Enchantment and Awakening

After a Holy Item is unlocked, you need to keep collecting Holy Item Shards to refine your Holy Items. After you refine your Holy Item, you can enchant it to boost its stats. When refining Holy Items, the Holy Item Shards will be transformed in Holy Item Points, which can be distributed to boost its stats. Whenever the Holy Item is enchanted to Lvl 10 or Lvl 30, the Holy Item will reach the next stage.Its appearance will change and its stats will greatly increase. (Shown as picture 3)


Picture3 Third Stage of Lava Battleaxe – Epic

Holy Item Display

If you equip a Holy Item, you will see an icon following your character (Shown in Picture 3). In the Character Interface, you can also click on the Holy Item icon to see the Holy Item Display interface.


Picture 4

How do you boost your Holy Item Stats?

You can distribute the Holy Item Points as you like.

Here are some tips:

• Refine a Holy Item to get Holy Item Points. 1 Holy Item Shard will turn into 1 Holy Item Point.

• The maximum stat boost depends of the Refinement level of the Holy Item.

• Click “max”, and the Holy Item Points will be distributed to the stat until it reaches the maximum.

• Click “+” to distribute 1 Holy Item Point to the stat.

• Click “-” to retrieve 1 Holy Item Point that has been distributed but not confirmed.

• Click “Confirm” to confirm the point distribution. Only after clicking “Confirm”, will the distribution take effect.

• Click “Reset” to reset the point distribution. Reset your points before confirming if you are not sure of how you distributed them.

• “Recast” the Holy Item to get all the distributed points back and distribute them again.

Now you know how to distribute your Holy Item Points! That’s pretty much everything I know about Holy Items. Now it’s time for you to try it! Start your own adventure in Ninjas Broke My Keyboard!

With this Holy Items system, now you can use your keyboard to combos and defeat enemies more easily.

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