Ninjas Broke My Keyboard -Hero Fate & Inheritance

In this new version of Ninjas Broke My Keyboard ,which is an action MMORPG based on classic arcade games , we add two new systems about the Heroes named Fate and Inherit.

Fate means the relationship between different Heroes. When they fight together, the Fate between them will be activated to increase the characters’ and Heroes’ Stats. Several Hero Fates can be activated at the same time as long as the Heroes in formation meet the requirements. Once a Hero is removed from the formation, its Fate will disappear automatically. A Hero has different kinds of Fates. Different Fates bring different Stat boost for characters and Heroes. Let’s see how this works.

In this new version of Ninjas Broke My Keyboard, two tabs are added in the Hero Blacksmith interface. First, let’s have a look at the Fate tab. Only those Heroes with four Stars or more can have Fates. All the Fates of a Hero will be shown in the interface. You can see your Hero’s Fates and their stat boost. (Picture 1) Once a Fate of a Hero is activated, it will be marked as Activated. (Picture 2)





To activate a Fate, you need to add the corresponding Hero into formation. So, how do you add Heroes into formation? Open the character Interface to see the new Fate Hero section (Picture 3). Since there are 6 slots in the Fate Hero section, you will be able to have up to 9 Heroes into formation. Note: Heroes added in Fate Hero can’t boost the character’s Stat directly, but you can do it activating the Fate between them.



That’s all you need to know about Hero Fate. Time to get your Heroes and prepare for battle!

Hero Inheritance

More and more Heroes will be available in the near future! We are sure you will like them a lot! But we also know that if you want new Heroes, you will have to sell some of the old ones. And you invested a lot of time in them! That’s why we added the Inherit function in the Hero Blacksmith. Now, if you want to use a new Hero, it can Inherit the experience of one of your old Heroes so you don’t lose any experience points! A low level Hero can inherit the level from a high level Hero. The level of the hero inherited will be reset to 1. You can see how it works in pictures 4 and 5.


Picture4 Before Inheritance


Picture5 After Inheritance

Remember, only Heroes with same Star Level can be Inherited. There are two kinds of inheritance: Inheritance and Advanced Inheritance. When using Inheritance, only the Hero’s Level will be inherited. And the level of the inherited Hero must be higher than the level of the inheriting Hero. However, when using Advanced Inheritance, both the Hero’s level and Enchantment level can be inherited! The Level of the Hero inherited will be reset to 1, and Enchant level to 0. The Hero inherited will obtain the previous Level and Enchant level of the Hero inheriting. (Picture 6) (Picture 7)


Picture 6 Before Advanced Inheritance


Picture 7 After Advance Inheritance

With these two systems, now you can use your keyboard to combos and defeat enemies with your more powerful heroes.

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