New Wartune official introduction

Wartune is popular around the world fantasy epic gaming masterpiece . Magnificent myth epic new interpretation on a mobile platform , the classic way to stimulate the fighting makes it easy to get started and enjoy the most extraordinary gaming experience.

The so-called Wartune game , in fact, God of creation to create a musical instrument . But it was not just a musical instrument – the God of creation , when playing from the Divine Comedy , the world will all change . The power of this weapon of whom worry even God of creation , so in front of his sleep, he will split into seven pieces Divine Comedy , each fragment is actually a powerful artifact power , our story revolves around this seven for the Divine Comedy .Wartune features

★ next-generation game feast – comparable to 1080P movie game quality , taste super senior mythological epic.

★ interpretation of love and responsibility Adventure – Battle off hundreds of copies of the difficulty of different interpretations of the legendary underground city , touching feelings make you unforgettable adventure .

★ PVP inter-service campaign – top global sports players gluttonous feast★★★★★

IOS strong landing the best quality games , download epic game gives the value of 1888 yuan props package

★★★★ Shenmodazhan ! Society of war ! BOSS battle ! Arena … lets you battle in the end !

★★★ Wartune rage online fantasy epic masterwork – a common recommendation million players worldwide !

★★ “myth level touching story ! ” – Only for the players but the writing

★ next generation , civilians, cloud storage , star concept

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