New Eudaemon – Flying Rabbit

Flying Rabbits are mage Eudaemons, they are good at attacking both nearby and faraway enemies. They have high MATK and low HP, with a medium defense level.

Eudaemon Traits

Flying Rabbits have high MATK and are immune to Amnesia Runes. They have a high magic penetration which can ignore a certain percent of MDEF; thus, they are excellent defensive partners in PVP battles.


Celestial Energy: Ignores a certain percent of a target’s MDEF with each attack.

Clear Head: Decreases the chance to be confused.

Eldritch Fire: Attacks a random enemy, players are first priority targets.

Punishment: Deals damage to a single target in the front row.

Harvest: Attacks an enemy with the lowest HP. The more the target’s HP, the more damage will be dealt.


Witch’s Wrath: Randomly launches an attack twice.

Ghost Dance: Randomly attacks 2~3 enemies.

Condemned: Deals damage to the whole enemy group.

Delphic·Sorcerer Chant: Removes a negative buff from a party member (players are first priority targets) and generates a shield for the target for 1 round.

Delphic·Sorcerer Blessing: Removes a negative buff from the entire party.

Dazzling Appearance

WT新主城宣传 1200x627


Level Requirement: Lvl. 70+ players may get the Eudaemon by joining events.

How to use Flying Rabbit: Open the Eudaemon panel and click “Deploy” to send the Eudaemon into battle with the character.

Eudaemon Growth: Eudaemon Upgrade, Equipment Upgrade, Skill Upgrade