Modifications to Wilds & Archaeology


WT 新主城图_FB (1)

  • Players may now enter the Wilds directly from Cloud City.
  • Players may now teleport between any map in the Wilds without a level restriction.
  • Gold Mines, chests and monsters have been removed from the Wilds.
  • A new feature – Archaeology has been added to the Wilds.


1. Lvl. 13+ players may open the [Archaeology] panel using the shortcut at the bottom right of the main screen.

2. A [Prospect] icon can be seen at the top of the Wilds screen. Players may click [Prospect] to start a journey and follow the indicators to an archaeology spot. There they can dig for archaeological shards. During the archaeological excavation, the indicators will change from red to yellow and finally to green as players approach the right spot. Each player may join the archaeological event up to 30 times a day. Attempts reset daily.

3. Players may collect different kinds of archaeological shards from different maps and exchange them for reward items. Archaeological shards will be counted in the archaeology list and won’t use inventory space.

4. There are 5 Archaeology levels: Novice, Junior, Expert, Master and Grand Master. Players can earn rewards such as rare mounts and exclusive titles for upgrading their archaeology level. Each archaeology level reward can only be collected once.

5. Players will be rewarded once for activating every Archaeological Handbook.