Magic sound defeat all things under Wartune Game  profile

Wartune, played the game player may ask, this is not a popular global online games masterpiece, why will appear in the Mobile Games?Yes, this Wartune has captured the hearts of all beings epic online games has perfect transplant to the mobile terminal, or the original recipe, original taste.Better is the player no longer because the clumsy computers bring us unhappy game experience, the introduction of mobile terminal, let us go to experience the large-scale online games in the Madden game experience.

Game summary: artifact left the world caused a reign of Terror (8.5 points)

The so-called Wartune, is actually a musical creation of God’s creation. Since it is a creation of God, it is not only an instrument. When the creator God plays the Divine Comedy, change the world. This piece of weaponry and even the creator have to worry, therefore, in sleeping, he would split Wartune into seven fragments, each fragment is a powerful artifact. Legend as long as all artifact can have the world. Thus, our story is around the seven artifact expansion.

2. Copies of unfolding story NPC help you quickly into the game

The story mainly launches to Brian size copy control our protagonist, a high crit, strong quasi heart female shooter, debut. As a spirit of the warrior, found in large adjustable road passing caravans long-term attacks the difference of the truth of the matter, then saved our NPC Tina. Tina will have a tremendous role behind us, help us to quickly learn some complex system in the game, let the game player to better integrate into the game. More importantly, when we rescue Tina, she will take us to in charge of a struggling town. And we will, by the gods swear to protect you, let urban prosperity.

3.Town building perfect function powerful rich

Want to future achievement, can be the down town. A home office, barracks, dwellings, warehouses, blacksmith shop and other buildings in town, began may give a game player playing Warcraft feeling.But as the game progresses, you’ll find out the game than the system Warcraft much.These buildings in town with the Lord (we control characters) to upgrade the level of opening unceasingly, building level also will continue to increase, a lot of good.

The home office is the major economic source of the whole town, it can help us output per hour is a lot of gold, the home office is scalable, level not only affect the other building level cap and gold production, the number will also affect the collection and gold income of gold.Private is the major productive forces place, game player can recruit to a strong soldiers inside, allow yourself to cope with the copy of the relaxed. As the private class rising high, more wounded soldier you recruit soldiers, and grades also can promote, let your fighting strength to rise sharply.

Houses were used to increase the population limit of the building, through ascension houses grades to accommodate more people. Population increase, game player can recruit more powerful warrior, creating a strong backing for you.Warehouse for storing won the gold, but the upper limit to the number of a certain limit, increase with the level of increase.The blacksmith is to produce powerful weapons of the place, here, you can be equipped to enhance, in which embedded properties of gems and other functions, we are building powerful forces essential source.

  1. Soldiers lineup to make the game more excellent performance

Probably introduces some architectural features of the town, let us enter the game…Oh, I almost forgot, in before the start of the game, we have to learn to put soldiers lineup.Here the array is relatively simple, we want to choose the output strong meat shield all attributes of game player itself character, reasonable distribution of harvest to beat all surprise.

  1. Upgrade reward copy gradually opening

The game by constantly took over the task to complete to constantly improve their own ability, adopts the design of system upgrade, let the game player easier for the strong goal.After the rank promotion in addition to get rich reward, will open more exciting copy, let us adventure rich and colorful.

  1. The skill system show the rich cheer game experience for you

The characters in the game since daguai clearance copy, if only flat cut words is somewhat boring. Presentation skills system rich, give us more game experience.Skills will be with the level continuously upgrade to increase and upgrade.More magical place, some esoteric skills in the game can be released through the fingertips doodle, let the game full of ideas.

The game screen: Design of 3D virtual effect make the real scene experience (9 points)

Pictures of the game with perfect to describe is not an exaggeration, here is not to say that how perfect quality is good, but it can be fully functional web games ported to IOS, this is some developers do not place.Different monsters, different copies of the map, the magnificent architectural design skills, realistic, smooth clear images of the game, the gameplay will be brought into full play.

Game controls: round system play skill of using CD hit the maximum damage (8 points)

The operation is relatively simple, a round of the game, game player needs to do is before a battle can be set to battle.The game player cast skills need to have enough rage, rage value can be obtained through the attack and damage, more powerful skills required anger will be more, corresponding cooling time will be very long, this game player can grasp their own according to the actual situation.

The game features (9 points)

  1. Gold poly soul to earn extra money rankings increased pleasure

Kill the enemy will be harvested after the death of soul, game player can through the alchemy of poly soul way to get more gold, this is one of the important means of our economic source, the need to reach a certain level of game player to open.The guild system introduction, daily association between the PK also can let the game player to get more gold.Design of ranking system, display and guild rank and fighting for our ranking, let the game player to understand their own ability, to better their breakthrough.

  1. Copy content rich gold levels everywhere see

Front have said the game would prepare a large number of copies of test for game player, in addition to have copies of creeps and boss, also found that Pandora’s box and other random items, click may get rich props and Gold Award, also have the opportunity to fall into the enemy’s siege of.The design of such ingenious, let the game player in the face of numerous copies of no longer feel boring. Here small make up to secretly tell you, you can also pick up money copy oh!

  1. Fashion system let you out of the ordinary

With online games, PC end also introduced fashion system, players can buy fashion, fashion synthetic fashion transformation is a way to obtain beautiful dress, so their ability to become higher, also can be in appearance slightly one upmanship, especially feelings of great wood!

  1. Who is the strongest competitive PK King

In the continuous customs copy, you may feel tired, never mind, go with friends, network play!The arena is Lord to show the strength and fight with one another on the battlefield, the arena can be divided into the challenge and competition.Through the challenges can receive additional reward, join us!

General comments: pure online box transplant the original recipe original taste (8.8 points)

Wartune game as a Mobile Games is not easy, can come from online games platform up. Design of the game system rich, gorgeous display of skills, with the game of passion background sound, the gameplay is highlighted.Importantly, there is a good story of the development of this game, let the game player as the story further challenge to the new boss, which makes the game became more connotation. Like this kind the net swims the game player is still waiting for what, for God is our fight!

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