Legend Knight-Pets

Pets: Unlocked at level 70

You can buy pets in the Pet Shop. There are 3 kinds of Pets: PATK, MATK and Defense


Train your Pet(s) by using Balens or Pet Training Whistles, but be careful, training can fail! Even in failure, however, there is some hope. Every failure will give you Luck Value points. The higher the Luck Value is, the higher your chance of success. Pets can only be upgraded when all their attribute bars are full. After being trained, the maximum value of each Attribute willincrease. Pets start at 1-Star and can be trained up to 5-Stars.

[Pet Discipline]

You can use Pet Anima to make your Pet more powerful and boost your Battle Rating.

Note: You can buy some Pet Anima from the Shop. Others will be released in the future.

[Upgrading Pet Anima]

You can upgrade Pet Anima by using Pet Essences. The upgrade will consume another Pet Anima of the same kind.

Note: You can get Pet Essences from the Shop or the Pet Wheel.


Consume Balens to cultivate your Pets. Using Luck Stones will increase your success rate. You can upgrade your Pet once the Cultivation bar is full. They will then evolve and you’ll unlock new looks every time they reach a new level! But remember, if you want to Cultivate your pet to level 2, you must train your pet to 2-Stars first.

[Tree of the Ancients]

Press the Plant button to plant the Tree of the Ancients during the Event. You can use Balens to shorten the growth time and harvest faster.You’ll get EXP Vines and Pet Training Whistles when you harvest your tree.

Notes: 1. Claim your rewards before the Event ends or they will disappear.

2. You can’t claim rewards if the three is not full grown by the time the Event ends.




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