Legend Knight-Invaders!

Legend Knight-Invaders!

  1. Requirement

If you over level 30,you can fight againstthe Invaders.

  1. Event Time

you can take part in the event at 19:59-20:30 every day.


Guild Rewards:Each guild members of the top 3 players who dealt the most damage in Invaders will be rewarded.

Killing Rewards:After the event, the rewards will be sent to players according to the number of monsters they have killed.

Defeat monsters to receive a lot of Gold and EXP Fruits.

Every day you may attend one single activity and get rewards.

4.How to play

Click the Daily Events on the top to open the pane (as below). When the event starts, the button will change from “Closed” to “Enter”. Click to enter.

After you enter Invaders!, click the target to attack. Or you can click the AFK button at the bottom to attack automatically.


Eventually top 3 players who dealt the most damage in Invaders can bring the guild members who participate inthe activities about additional guild award.

You can spin the Fortune Wheel to receive rewards at the end of the event.

If you get really lucky, you can receive as many as 50-time rewards.

200,000 to 1,000,000 gold is waiting for you.

Battle Ground: Level 30 character and average level of 45 among top 20 players required.

About Battle Ground

You will be randomly put into either of the two sides as you enter.

The first half of Battle Ground comprises PVP battles (21:10-21:30). You can receive points by defeating players on the other side.

The latter half of Battle Ground comprises PVE battles (21:30-21:45). You can receive points by defeating Bosses.The more the points, the more the rewards.

Click Challenge to open the list of players to attack. As follows:

  1. Players can get points through attacking members of other groups.
  2. The higher your Battle Rating, the more points you will receive.
  3. Killing streaks will be rewarded with a bonus.
  4. The more points one gets, the better the rewarded he will receive.
  5. The Top 10 players in the points rankings will also receive some special rewards.
  6. Players can also receive points as rewards defeating Bosses .
  7. When a player defeats the Boss, the other players from the same group can get the BUFF of damage boost reduce when attacking the same Boss.
  8. Make your dream come true and get glory. Get points to exchange them for Prestige. Gold and Equip Materials.


Thank you for your reading!

The Legend Knight Official Website:http://www.legendknight.com/

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