Legend Knight Fashion Halo System

Legend Knight lets you weild the power of a dragon. After 1000 years you have woken from a magical slumber, and you find the world once again consumed by war. Prepare yourself, hero, to fight the tide of evil in this easy to learn, half real time, epic browser RPG. Log in and live your legend.

Fashion Halo System

Fashion Halo is only effective on unequipped Fashion.

  1. Only unequipped Fashion can receive this effect. The effects from similar Fashions will not stack.
  2. Stats boosted by Fashion Halo will be added into the character’s total stats.
  3. Wings will not be boosted by Fashion Halo.
  4. The stat boosted will be based on the Fashion’s main stat.



There’s a Super Chest with your name on it when you recharge Balens for the first time, as long as its done from right here. Inside you’ll find all sorts of amazing items, as well as the super-exclusive, limited time Crystal Scorpion mount. Log in to ride your new mount 7 days in a row after you receive it, and it will be yours forever!

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