Fun Sword Saga intimate setting round without difficulty


Seventh Avenue boutique full beauty regiment battle page tour Sword Saga, rich mercenary favorability dialogue fully inherit property and equipment , the unique displacement system moves …Intimate setting of the game allows players to comprehend what is vital to the “people -oriented”, full- value experience to let you play cool.[ People-oriented universal Games Sword Saga players to experience a sense of focus , making the industry's conscience products: Even Cock wire , but also can play games from precious as gold , players can also get free , enrich your coffers ;Being less than succinct stone dragon blood , but you can go to the auction transaction in exchange for diamonds ; had gas can fully inherit property and equipment , dress burdens without pressure ;The most important thing is the players want to have the most epic orange dress , but you can create your own , become rich handsome just around the corner !

[ Precious gold fingertips ]

Sword Saga in gold is very rare and precious . Volume of output will be reduced, but consumption will be reduced. In order to not let the players have seen sixty-seven digit powerlessness to do anything but gold . As long as small partners hard enough , I could be when the Tyrant .

[ Transmission system free experience ]

The inheritance system allows you to replace the carefree new equipment . Strengthening, the purification , the old equipment gem hole will be a key to the new equipment easily go free inheritance .However, note that only the low-level equipment transferred to advanced equipment with parts go oh. In addition , the decomposition of the old equipment will be able to get all the material synthesis of this equipment !

[ Was ]

the best props in the gameProps Magic Dust Light refining equipment needs, and build equipment , various types of materials and equipment to strengthen the dragon’s blood will drop from the game. If you want to quickly get to grow and improve, the players need to be traded by the auction house to what they want.In order to allow players to have a better sense of the experience , the auction house will cancel all taxes and fees , make sure to buy a diamond can buy something without any additional taxes , the full protection of the interests of the player.Comprehensive intimate settings, so you Fun Sword Saga without difficulty …… more dizzying exciting content waiting for you to experienceWelcome to the Best Browser RPG Game ,and the Sword Saga Official Website :