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Era of Empire is a new hardcore social game that includes city construction, simulation, war strategy and many other features. The unique design concept shows you the true developments of four of the great ancient civilizations. Get to know different customs, cultures and conflicts of the different faiths and experience their growth from savage primitive societies to the great empire that ruled Asia, Africa and Europe. Witness the development and prosperity, the colonization and expansion, as you make the important decisions. Will you lead your people to immortal supremacy, or die out, forgotten in the tides of time?



There will be immigrants when there are roads.

People are the base of your city. You need to construct your city, satisfy all of your citizens needs, and then upgrade your Residences to attract more immigrants. Residences need to be connected by roads, or no immigrants will be able to get to them.

How can you upgrade Residences?

After a Residence has been completed you must wait for immigrants to move in. While they are in the Residences, you must make sure you satisfy all of their needs. When the Residences are full you can upgrade them.

Upgrading Residences requires materials. Click the Residences interface, and place your pointer over the Upgrade button for a few seconds to see what materials are required to upgrade. When you have met all of the requirements you can upgrade the Residence.

Level 1 to level 10 Residences.


My Residences are not full, why are there no immigrants moving in?

If no immigrants are moving into a Residence, then this Residence must have some problems.

Click the Residences interface, in the middle of the interface you will see a relevant prompt. Place the pointer over the question mark and it will shows the solution to the Residence’s problem.

If a city a has high unemployment rate or the city’s Prestige is too low, this will also dissuade immigrants from moving to your city.


My Castle, My Empire, My Choice!

Be a great King should be a great architect first, show your talent that you can build up your castle.

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