Era of Empire – Game Introduction

Era of Empire is a new hardcore social game that includes city construction, simulation, war strategy and many other features. The unique design concept shows you the true developments of four of the great ancient civilizations. Get to know different customs, cultures and conflicts of the different faiths and experience their growth from savage primitive societies to the great empire that ruled Asia, Africa and Europe. Witness the development and prosperity, the colonization and expansion, as you make the important decisions. Will you lead your people to immortal supremacy, or die out, forgotten in the tides of time?


Buttons Introductions

Buttons on the top left of interface (from left to right)

Gold: Game currency. Source: Taxation

Talents: Used to buy items in the Shop or activate VIP Functions. You will get Talent in game, or you may purchase them for real currency through Recharge.

Population: When Immigrants move into your city, you can arrange work for them and let them help you build your city.

Industrial Resources: These resource can only be deposited in the Warehouse. The are a necessity for city development.

Agriculture: Your Civilization’s crops, and those of other Civilizations.

Civilization Sign: The Pillar represents the Greek Civilization. The ☪ represents the Persian Civilization. The Holy Cross represents the Egyptian Civilization. The Imperial Palace represents the Chinese Civilization

City Name: The name of your city.

Prestige: The higher your recognition and Prestige, the more people will want to move to your city.

Immigration: Immigration speed.

First Recharge: The First Recharge Pack is worth more than 20 dollars.

Friend Invitation: Invite your friends to play the game to receive amazing rewards!

Login Rewards: Log into the game every day to claim rewards!

Buttons on the left of the interface (from top to bottom)

Buildings: Click the Buildings button to open the building list.

VIP Privileges: Activating VIP functions will cost you Talents.

Road: Click the Road button, and then choose a starting point and and end point to build a road.

Demolish: Use to demolish unnecessary buildings or ruins. You will not get any compensatory resources for demolishing.

City Overview: Click to view your city’s situation, number of citizens and resource reserves.

Tech: Technology will help the city’s development.

Military Management and Guild: Click to manage your troops and check Guild information.

Trade Hall: After you build Merchants to sell resources you can can trade various resources here for Gold.

World Map: Click to view your city’s location.

Friends: Click to view your friends’ information.

Mail: Click to check your mail.

Shop: You can buy various items with Talents here.





My Castle, My Empire, My Choice!

Be a great King should be a great architect first, show your talent that you can build up your castle.

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