Era of Empire – Game Introduction

Era of Empire is a new hardcore social game that includes city construction, simulation, war strategy and many other features. The unique design concept shows you the true developments of four of the great ancient civilizations. Get to know different customs, cultures and conflicts of the different faiths and experience their growth from savage primitive societies to the great empire that ruled Asia, Africa and Europe. Witness the development and prosperity, the colonization and expansion, as you make the important decisions. Will you lead your people to immortal supremacy, or die out, forgotten in the tides of time?



Buildings in Era of Empire will vary depending on different historical and architectural styles. There are 10 types of buildings each with different functions: Residences, Agriculture, Industry, Merchant, Municipal, Culture, Religion, Military, Decorations and Great Monuments.



Including normal residences and high quality residences, they can increase the population of the city. Build a normal residence will use 1*1 place, a high quality residences will use 2*2 place.


Agricultural structures produce agricultural products for your citizens, or for you to sell to other players.


Industrial buildings make industrial products for your citizens, or for you to sell to other players. Industrial type buildings create heavy pollution. They should not be built near Residences.


Merchant buildings sell agricultural and industrial products to your citizens to satisfy their daily demands. Also they are conditions you need to fill before you upgrade your residences.


Municipal and Security buildings are for official work.


Cultural buildings can increase the education level of citizens who live in nearby high-quality Residences. Don’t doubt the effect of these buildings.


Military buildings are used to train soldiers. The types of available soldiers differ between civilizations.


Decorations can improve the environment of your city. They are favored by the rich in high quality Residences.

Great Monuments

World Wonders represent the historical essence of a culture. They are unique to a civilization, and not every culture has had the greatness to build them.


My Castle, My Empire, My Choice!

Be a great King should be a great architect first, show your talent that you can build up your castle.

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