Dominate Wartune, lord must see


Dominate Wartune,After the players reach 40 can be opened deputy job , you can click directly activate ;

Deputy professional players use existing grade ( ie 80 players to activate occupation is the 80 ) , no equipment , comes with three skill ;

Players between the first free career and vice career switch .


Vice occupational characteristics : body for ice and dark magic attacks ; l provide a level attributes assigned automatically ;Vice vocational skills needed to consume part of the fight against the release point against point consumption: 9 ;There are three kinds of responses to combat point the way : reply by war beast passive skill points by increasing the combat skills of reply ; each round must reply to a certain number of points .

Deputy professional equipment obtained by synthesis in the smithy , and the need to consume Dragon Steel props Interfax two kinds of materials , cost of gold synthesis .Deputy professional equipment can be strengthened, precious stone , the purification , God cast .

Vice occupations require special equipment to change the shape of fashion , otherwise not only increase the property styling change. Main professional equipment special fashion does not change shape .Vice career with the main professional grade sharing fashion .

Vice occupation has its independent talentRole talent points while primary and secondary vocational onset, as players increased 10 point talent and professional talent in the main distribution , when it switched to the deputy job , can be assigned to this 10:00 again , only affects the deputy job allocation results talent , talent does not affect the main occupation .

Deputy professional horse riding in the battle to fight the beast collectively . Vice career always riding posture, can not dismount in battle.Automatically activate after a war beast deputy jobBeast wars bring bonuses are always active in sub- active career Others do not have , nor enjoy their bonusesBattle Beast Enchanted consume animal bones and diamonds ( excluding tied drill ) to upgrade the value of the full blessing to upgrade

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