DDTank2 ultimate play set (11 kinds of play whatever you use)


0.1 = 0.12 of the force of the DDTank2 wind

Drag the small square on the small map can find what you want to attack the enemy, and you can see an example of the position is located. (P = screen pitch)

The first play full toss

90- distance +/- demeanor * 2 (the distance on the small square on the small map of the box is a screen with a 9 count, 2P 19 degrees with a 10 count)

For example, the position of the enemy in 1P without wind to attack you with the full force of 90-9 = 81 degrees

Wind up their own adjustments, downwind + headwind –


The second half cast

90- distance * 2 +/- style (but the distance is small squares, etc. on the small map is divided into 20 parts)

For example, the position of the enemy in half P no wind (the wind is the middle of the target position) then you can use

90-10 = 80 degrees it is within the power point with 6.0 0.5P 1P use force except to 6.2 force, the greater the force farther

A third fixed angle of 30 degrees

Constant angle 30, I measured the power point for 0.5P3.2, to gauge the intensity of the end position is 3.6, to the anger of the position is 4 force, 1P 4.7 force

Upwind downwind + power – the power of two right-gap measure your inventory +0.3 high strength, low of 30 degrees -0.4 force is relatively low due to the wind so the impact is not great

The fourth-fire

The other is in the position where the distance 1P, such as the location of your full toss 5/8 no wind so you do not fall over 5 degrees no soil can reach the other side of the block

But outside 1P 8+ equals distance / 2 such as 8 + 4/2 = 10 full force 1.5P location can hit with a little time to adjust to the wind, but the gap between the impact

3.6 The fifth force is small cast

For six and a half away from high-angle close-throw shooting.

90- distance * 5 * 2 +/- wind power 32-36

1/4 small throw sixth method

90- distance * 4 * 2 + Wind

Power point 43 (expert recommendation, I summarize)

Seventh method given 70

The new style of play focused on the perspective of strengthening the day was canceled, and now found to play together Trident is a good choice to pay special attention to this method of attack left together. Why? Dinosaur played all know

Downwind count above 2.0 or below 2.5 2,2.0 count, after -1 force winds count after 3 2.5 -2 7 following two small wind power

1.0   headwind wind following wind following count after count 2,1.8 3,2.0 approaching half P should count 4, and 3 or more 4 count is probably also like the afterburner 2

50 Ways eighth set

Power points and 30 degrees likeness


However, the requirements for wind hit the afterburner requirements than 30 × 2, × 3 points for the afterburner

Ninth method of throwing

90- distance wind * 2 * 3 + (distance 30 minutes 1p)

Power point 4.9-5.1

Recommended: Robber

80 Ways tenth anyone throw

Basically ignored 1P 14 minutes away that is 76.80 1P- R1 c2 p “B” n; o Q- S.

So the wind factor is 2 out of .2 .4 .6 .8 wind

5 can be seen as a basic force = 1 degree = 0.5 wind 6 N (i, q% H, N) _!? 6 d

Such as enemies and you wind 1p now shun 0.2 * W) U # J ‘^ “? 3 x) Z5 [

You will use 76.76 or 77.84 can hit: A) U) p8 k9 W

Gap between basic horizontal distance of 4 degrees = 1 degree

Eleven kinds of methods 3X unity

This 3-in-1 should be a more popular method commonly used to talk about it

Close attack from left to right

Under no circumstances apply to 20-degree drop is reasonable

Higher than the enemy when you can change the angle of plus strong point on the line, but not recommended suitable

To the small adjustment, power point will be adjusted accordingly higher than your enemy when the angle – the angle does not matter

Power point about 20 degrees to 30 degrees than the force point and force the way 7

Close attack from right to left

Adapt 65–73 degree angle for the best, but a different style have different effects themselves to adjust

Apply the method given 65, 70 fixed and 70 variable, a small cast, small cast can be achieved.

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