DDTank2 invincible Semiparabolic Cheats


After practice personally think that power should be 61 and a half cast

Also targeted are Lethal for the Specifically calculated as follows:

Distance from the screen by doing a 20 considered in particular: the distance of the second screen should be considered in accordance with 25


Let’s say the distance is 15, table manners downwind 3.5

Then you adjust the angle should be 90-15 + 3.5 * 2 = 82 degrees

Efforts should be playing in the position 60

Another full force measured on the basis of my original zone (that is, the map novice teaching) drop height is 1-2 degrees

So half the force is 2-4 degrees

To play up the angle – the angle you want to beat up +

Summary: Semi force advantage is to be accurate than full force

While some relatively far distance map of each of the car in the middle of it is easy to hit them

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