DDTank Mobile Strikes This June

300,000,000 people have played the epic trajectory shooter, DDTank, and now its finally made its mobile debut on iOS and Android! Show off your fashion, charge into battle, and join your friends against epic bosses. Cute can be deadly!


Real-time Guild vs. Guild battles in your hands! Experience the thrill of conquering enemy teams in multiplayer PvP!

DDTank Mobile’s interfaces have been carefully designed to keep the original charm of  DDTank while optimizing user experience – interacting with other players has never been simpler, and the battles have never been more dynamic. Competition and challenge modes have also been modified from 4v4 to 3v3 to accommodate new players and to guarantee reduced wait times.

The classic Totem System returns with all-new features and a simplified interface.


In the original DDTank you can obtain Honor by participating in epic battles against World Bosses, Honor which can be used to upgrade Totems to near godly strength. In DDTank Mobile, there are three new types of Totems: Attack, Defense and Luck. Each can be upgraded by joining in Totem Dungeons, which are open all day, every day. Players don’t have to worry about when they’ll be able to join, or watch their friends surpass them because they can’t play at the right time. They just need to join in and upgrade their Totems by defeating the monstrous World Bosses!


The Pearl System has also been updated to offer a faster, less complicated experience. Now, each character has six Pearl Holes which will be unlocked as their level increases. Players will be able to spend both Gold and Vouchers to collect Pearls!

Adorable combat and thrilling gameplay, what are you waiting for? Join the magical world of DDTank now! For more information, please follow the DDTank Mobile Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/ddtankmobile