Compete in the Battle of Sward Saga Star Irish mainland three forces

Seventh Avenue magical adventure full of beauty regiment battle boutique page tour Sward Saga, take you opened the curtain of history , through the dimension of imprisonment, unprecedented real magical continent perfect show in front of you : the magnificent Costa mainland Ireland solemn castle , mechanical technology and cold weapons contrast full steam empire , picturesque.

[Pearl Starr Ireland - Gerry Alaska ]

As Starr Ireland ‘s oldest kingdom, Gerry Alaska ‘s history dates back to the era of even the goddess of the moon and stars , who bathed in glorious goddess Alaska Gerry family, has been adhering to the goddess will defend justice while overseeing the devil ‘s seal. Later in the YongCu people, Gerry Alaska mainland to set up a family in the East Kingdom Gerry Alaska , the goddess of the moon and stars as they bear in mind in order to pay for all the continent , with the moon and stars the Church as the state religion , preached goddess will uphold justice and goodness.

[ Mechanical wisdom Empire - Val Porter ]

After the goddess ‘s, with a high wisdom university who does not believe in the existence of Walter Potter goddess of the world , he was more convinced of the wisdom and strength of human beings . Val Porter steam engine at the moon and stars stone research scholar in the process of the invention is created , and by appropriate transformation, such a device can be applied to all aspects of people’s lives. Hand steam armed forces Val Porter II emperor in the West , the people are very dependent on the power of the empire of steam technology .

[ Freedom mercenary City - Thomas David ]

Old aristocrat Sir Gerry Alaska Kingdom and cutting-edge for the moon and stars Val Potter empire stone fight , the second moon and stars war down, suffering only the most innocent civilians. But this time, Thomas David Speaker accepted wounded two countries to help them rebuild their homes , giving them shelter war . In the end, won the support of the people injured in the war , and the establishment of the Republic of David Thomas . Here is a completely open city , Thomas David accepted it, and inclusive economy.

Costa promote Irish history as three huge rotating gears, completely different customs , unique art and architecture , and of course the players worth a visit . Sward Saga rise three forces , take you to feel the magnificent history , but also so beautiful and heart -depth three cities .

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